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Christine Drinan, Founder

When the guy who co-founded Studio 54 (Ian Schrager) opens up a hotel on Sunset Boulevard in LA, that’s called universal alignment. It’s hard to achieve the right balance between a cool style, luxury accommodation, and top service. In LA, most hotels have two out of three at most. So how does the West Hollywood EDITION rank? Here’s the review.


The West Hollywood EDITION hotel is an ambitious $300 million project in the heart of West Hollywood. And quite frankly, WeHo really needed an upgrade to its hotels. Yes, there’s the famed Chateau Marmont and Sunset Towers that are the iconic anchors. Sign us up for drinks and a night out there any day. But if you’re into true luxury accommodations, the rooms look all partied out and somehow channel that Burning Man feel.


As soon as the EDITION opened, it became one of the top three hotels in WeHo. The 1Hotel and Pendry have also upped the game on Sunset Boulevard, each with its own pros and cons of course. With Ian Schrager involved in the EDITION hotels, expectations are high. And if you’ve checked the rates at the EDITION lately, they topped $1,800 a night during Oscar week and the Super Bowl for a regular room. So while the EDITION is one of the top luxury hotels in WeHo, whether or not it’s worth it depends. The design, lobby aesthetics, and common areas (especially the rooftop pool)  are beautifully designed and executed. The West Hollywood EDITION is worth a stop even if you’re not staying there.

The Rooms

The hotel is brand new, so the rooms are accordingly appointed with modern baths and the signature clean design of EDITION hotels. However, at 350 to 400 square feet for entry-level rooms, you’re paying a premium for a shoe box. And while the bathrooms are likewise brand spanking new and aesthetically spa-like with their neutral stone, there’s something missing. Literally at times — like bath hooks, and a shower head design that just misses the mark.

I think that the point of the entry-level rooms is to have more of a more premium crash pad. It’s one of the nicest places to pass out after you leave the nearby clubs and bars at 3 a.m. Rates for these rooms run anywhere from $500-$1,000, though it seems I keep running into the $1k range each time I want to book.

Yes, the Upgrade is Worth It

The only way to get a luxury room stay is to upgrade your room to a suite. Suites make up almost 25 percent of the hotel. But even entry- level suites are tiny at 600 square feet, give or take. The redeeming quality is that many have balconies with views of West Hollywood and soaking tubs in the shower room. Once you get to the Super Villa Suite category, it is going to run you north of $3,000 nightly. This is Aman pricing but you get to the 1,200 square foot range. This is where the views make you feel like you’re sleeping right in the Hills. For both aesthetics and because of what you pay, you would want to spend more quality time in a proper suite.

They also have a baller penthouse, at over 2,000 square feet, that’s built for top clients in entertainment. Alternatively, it’s also for those who can spend $100,000/month. At this level, all the quirks are worked out and you have ample hook and bathroom space.

All-Room Disclaimer

Wherever you stay though outside of the penthouse, rooms that face Sunset are loud until 4 a.m. Request a room in the back if you want  peace and quiet. Also, this is not a great hotel for families with young kids. I would save the EDITION for solo, couple and friend travel.

The Food

The food is the highlight of the EDITION. At Ardor, chef John Fraser creates vegetable magic on a plate, along with selections for pescatarians and meat eaters. Ardor is located on the ground floor, and is open for breakfast and dinner. You feel like you’re in a lush garden, and the service is excellent.

The rooftop is the place for outdoor lunches and to take in the views of WeHo. The pool here is one of the prettiest and largest in Los Angeles. The benefit to staying at the EDITION is first dibs on the loungers. At the pool the staff serve snack foods (like tacos), and at the restaurant the menu expands to fresh seafood with a Latin flair. The crab nachos and seafood tower make for a life-is-good lunch. The bartenders excel at cocktails, especially the tequila and Mezcal variety that go right with the views.

The Service

The people here are way too attractive to be career hoteliers. As expected, you have many an aspiring actor working the hotel. But they’ve also clearly experienced hotel professionals running the show, maybe more behind the scenes. This is an important distinction, as service levels and standards are kept high. You’re treated professionally from start to finish, and especially in the restaurant Ardor, where service is a state of the art.

Overall: 6.5/10 in international hotel standards, 7.5/10 by California hotel options. Stay here if you want to be in the middle of the party.

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