The Trip: Truffle Hunting in Italy

Yes, sometimes we come up with good ideas. In this case, it’s a brilliant one. Because who wouldn’t be pumped about white truffles for all? ’Tis the season for the rare white truffle, and we think this year, you need to go to the source. Alba, in the heart of the Piedmont truffle country, makes for the ultimate fall getaway. And while a truffle is as luxury as it gets, this trip doesn’t carry the usual luxury price tag. Which means, more truffles for you. Truffle hunting in Italy this fall — it’s game on.

Suggested Stay: Four nights to a week

Good For: Singles, Couples, Friends, Groups


Truffles are the pride and joy of Piedmont, and October is the month for foraging. From September to January, the truffle hunters scour for the uber-expensive and delicious delicacies. Instead of just buying them, you have the chance to get in on the action. Many hotels are offering whole packages that include a daylong excursion into the Piedmont forests. Fitted in boots and warm jackets, guests venture out with highly trained Lagotto dogs who sniff out the prized white truffles. Besides being adorable, the dogs have an impeccable sense of smell and handle the precious truffles gently. Once the truffles are collected, experts pack them up to send off to be used in an Italian truffle feast. After all, the point of truffle hunting is to also eat truffles.

Where to Stay: Casa di Langa

Casa di Langa recently opened in Piedmont and is the only true 5-star hotel in the region. Check out our preview of the property, which is at the intersection of Barolo, Barbaresco and Alta Langa.

The Itinerary

Day 1

Settle into Casa di Langa, hit up the spa and relax at hotel for dinner. In addition to truffles, Piedmont is the foodie capital of Italy and home to Barolo wine. So while you’re here for truffle hunting, take some time to enjoy all of the Piedmontese cuisine.



Day 2

The main event is truffle hunting, so hit the ground running. Arrange for a private guide with your own truffle dog, and get ready to hunt.

Day 3

During the season, if you time it right, you can partake in the truffle festival in Alba, the white truffle capital. In addition to white truffles, Alba is full of shops and restaurants. And yes, during truffle season, they will all be generously shaving white truffles on every type of pasta, fish and rice.

Day 4

Wine tasting — you are in Barolo country, home to the Italian king of wine. Visit two, possibly three vineyards, customized to your interests in wine.

Day 5

Explore Barbaresco and Neive, two ancient towns near Turin. Of course, continue to eat white truffles to your heart’s desire.


Day 6

Enjoy a full day at Casa di Langa. Activities include a cooking class, a day at the spa, wine tasting, or just relaxation by the pool.

Where to Eat

Piazza Duomo in Alba. One of only 10 Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy, Piazza Duomo is a must-visit not only in Piedmont (which alone has some steep competition), but in Italy as a whole. Chef Enrico Crippa brings a wealth of knowledge of Japanese and Italian cooking, which he turns into a fantastic display of flavor. Both an experience and a meal, the prix fixe at Piazza Duomo involves finger food courses and truffle-infused mains made of the most delectable ingredients.

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