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The Top Hotel Penthouses

Joelle Mentis Mentis, Writer

Whoever said it was lonely at the top has not stayed in one of these penthouses. These abodes define showstopper, from the moment you walk in the door. One even has a DJ booth that’s begging you to throw a party. As for the art, well, let’s just say that some of it is priceless. Yes, there are the usual suspects that show up on the most expensive list, but with your level of taste, you wouldn’t stay in those hotels. These four are #penthousegoals, all the way.

One & Only Penthouse Cape Town

Devil’s Peak at the One&Only

Why We Like It:

The view. There aren’t many places in the world where you can have panoramic views from your balcony. Devil’s Peak is one of them. The penthouse is part of an urban hotel, but it isn’t just the city you look out upon. Past the colorful buildings, Table Mountain stands tall at the edge of the horizon. If you choose, you can climb the stunning plateau, but regardless, the large topographical feature reminds you that you’re in the heart of South Africa. It is a stunning place where the natural world and urban life meet. 

The only Nobu in Africa. Who doesn’t love Nobu? The world famous sushi restaurants have some of the best dishes. That is especially true for the Nobu at the One&Only Cape Town. Japanese dishes meet Peruvian flavors and a taste of South Africa to create a Michelin-starred fusion of flavors. We recommend sitting at the sushi bar for a delicious coursed dinner. 

The spa and gym. Normally, the amenities are just perks. But the Devil’s Peak Penthouse amenities are not to miss. The gym has state-of-the-art equipment with trainers and yoga, boxing, and Zumba classes. The spa is nothing short of luxurious, featuring a glass of champagne upon arrival and well-researched wellness treatments that will actually do what they promise. 

Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong 

Why We Like It:

The service. Usually, you’d expect to be addressed by your last name, but the Landmark goes above and beyond when it comes to service. Feeling like a light snack? Your butler can whip up your favorite dish. And when you’re coming in late after a night out in Hong Kong, you can have them run you a spa bath to get into before bed. 

The DJ booth. You will definitely want to share the experience with friends, as the penthouse comes with a DJ booth for spinning the hottest tracks. You don’t have to be a pro to get the party started, and you can finally achieve your dream of mixing your own songs. 

Entertainment in general. We had to give the DJ it’s own mention, but the entertainment across the board is worthy of note. Wine on tap, a popcorn machine, an espresso station, and a cinema-style screen all ensure you and your friends have the most lavish nights. 


Why We Like It:

The alero. Some hotels have balconies, but none have anything quite like the Faena Penthouse suite in Miami. The suite itself has over 8,000 square feet of indoor living space, but the balcony almost doubles it, adding 7,000 more. The Brazilian-style outdoor balcony features stunning white stone with a plethora of cozy seating spaces. Large windows open out to create indoor- outdoor living spaces, and a kitchenette and infinity pool ensure you never have to go inside. 

The bedrooms. Of course, the bedrooms are designed with the utmost style in mind, but what really gets us is the number of them. Penthouses are meant to be big, but the Faena is BIG. We’re talking five bedrooms big.

The style. Of course a penthouse is going to be super sexy, but the Faena really takes the cake when it comes to the interiors. Designed by famous director, Baz Luhrmann, the Faena Penthouse features playful yet sumptuous art and decor. A star feature is a Damien Hirst 24K-gold woolly mammoth installation.

The Mark 

Why We Like It:

Over-the-top everything. Only the largest and most expensive hotel suite in the US could be the venue for a Meghan Markle baby shower hosted by Serena Williams. Full-size kitchen? Check. Grand piano? Check. Rare NYC balcony? Also check. You even have 24-hour access to Bergdorf Goodman, just in case you need a mid-party outfit change. 

A-list legacy. When you stay in the penthouse, you know you’re walking in the footsteps of the greatest humans on the planet. Of course, the guest list includes top names like Anna Wintour and Oprah. With the hotel serving as the entryway for the Met Gala, the penthouse is a convenient place for top celebrities to unwind after the long night. 

The exclusivity. Just knowing you’re in the largest, most expensive penthouse in the world is enough. But add in a 26-foot ceiling ballroom and a private rooftop terrace with views of Central Park and the Met. There’s nothing you can’t do in this penthouse, where secret parties and rendezvous have always taken place. 

Honorable Mention: Suite 5000 Mandarin Oriental NYC

This is as exclusive as it gets. Suite 5000 isn’t published on the MO’s website; you need to know to ask for it.  Located on the 50th floor, it doesn’t get much better for views of NYC. Sure, you can do the Empire State Building. But why not grab a whole penthouse to experience the stunning lights? NYC is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the view of Manhattan from the Mandarin Oriental is a bucket list item. And that’s not to mention the Swarovski crystal-illuminated soaking tub.

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