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Joelle Mentis

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Do you love Matt Damon and want to enjoy a Matt Damon vacation? We do. He’s like your high school buddy who, despite achieving an Oscar and grossing over $1 billion at the box office is still the same down-to-earth guy. This is even though he has Hollywood stars such as George Clooney and Chris Hemsworth as his BFFs. In honor of him and them apples (please say you know this line), here are a few global destinations where you too can do a Matt Damon vacation.


A Matt Damon vacation often includes bromance. It seems nothing comes between him and his close friend, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth and Matt Damon have vacationed together more than once, so clearly there’s more than movie magic to their friendship.  One thing’s for sure: Matt sure knows how to travel in style.


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Australia is a country that both the Hollywood actors love. Of course, this destination is well known to Hemsworth as it’s his home country. It is also the filming location for the latest instalment of the Thor franchise.

There is a plethora of things to do in Australia, from the cosmopolitan cities 0f Sydney and Melbourne, to the rugged, wild Australian outback. The two buddies have long loved the lively Gold Coast and its Queensland environs. The Gold Coast offers something for everyone; long, pristine sandy beaches, great surf and exhilarating theme parks.

a yellow sandy beach backed by a green hill against a blue sea and blue sky, Byron Bay

The Damon and Hemsworth families and kids love swimming in scenic Byron Bay where you can also enjoy horseback riding and hiking. It’s also a great location for whale watching.

But the duo don’t always get off easy, and have shared some not so great moments. In fact, Chris jokes that Matt has notoriously bad luck. They’ve had their fair share of run-ins with Australia’s wild nature including accidentally standing on pythons and getting stung by jellyfish. The two actors have had some real-life battles, in addition to the scripted ones, while enjoying the Land Down Under.

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Spain is another varied and fascinating destination much loved by Matt Damon. San Sebastián in northern Spain is always gorgeous, and it’s even better when your accommodation or restaurant has a view of the coast. The Hemsworth and Damon families rented a boat on the Bay of Biscay. And, because they are hard core, they opted not for a cushy yacht but instead rented a public catamaran. Note, the public can ride these transportation vessels for $10-12. They made one of the catamarans their own for the day, and they took to jumping off the observation deck into the water. Or, rather, Chris and wife, Elsa Pataky, jumped; Matt and wife Luciana Barroso, stayed safely on board.No matter what their ride though, views are obviously important on a Matt Damon vacation.

For the record, we don’t suggest renting a public ferry for the day. Instead, check out our guide to all good things in San Sebastián. And yes, you should plan to eat your face off, as San Sebastián has some of the best restaurants in the world. But there’s also only one place to stay, and that’s the Hotel Maria Cristina.

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Costa Rica

Guanacaste beaches are popular with tourists from all over the world and particularly with the rich and famous. It’s perfect for a Matt Damon vacation with, you guessed it, his buddy Chris Hemsworth. The friends and their families love the private and secluded northern Pacific beaches which are known for their natural beauty. The active families are always game for swimming and water sports, and when in Costa Rica, they love to surf. The wives of the two stars are also just as tight as their hubbies. The ladies got a matching tattoo during one of these world-renowned getaways. 

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