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Introducing At Home With Galavante
August 19, 2020
By , Founder

New York City - Millbrook - The Hamptons

We Bring the Restaurant to You

We are passionate about food. We live to travel, and we travel to eat. This pandemic has us missing the whole culinary experience, so we’re doing something about it. We’d like to introduce you to At Home With Galavante, where we serve up travel-to-France-Italy-Spain-the world-worthy food, right in your abode. This is not a cooking service. Or a catering company. This is next level — a real restaurant in your home, by Michelin-trained and -starred chefs, rain or shine, any day of the week. Whether you’re in the Hamptons or you’ve returned to your city pad, for school cocktail parties, quaranteam dining or just because you’re missing the restaurant experience, we’re here to make this your best pandemic life.

How it works:

When you're in the mood for your own Greek taverna, a 10 course tasting menu or a home cooked Italian trattoria dinner, you call us.  Special occasion and no occassion, you need to eat, and you need to eat well.  We concept your experience for your family dinner, or birthday celebration, or holiday gathering (yes we are booking Thanksgiving already) from everything including the flowers, table setting, theme, menu, wine pairings, guest gifts - you name it, we have done it.  Then we bring in the perfect Michelin trained and/or starred chef, along with our team, to bring the restaurant experience to your home.  

Let us be clear; this is next level.  These are not great chefs; these are the best chefs who run their own restaurants but also understand how to translate that into the experience of cooking at home.  For a limited number of clients, we will be offering Michelin-level meal preparation cooked in your kitchen, for your family, for the week to spec.  Gluten-free, dairy-free, no-carb, paleo? No problem.  Or if you just want the best food to grab and go throughout the week, we got you covered.  So welcome to At Home With Galavante.  We bring the restaurant to you.  

Inquire at travel@galavante.com