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Sambal from Six Senses Uluwatu Bali

The Balinese hot sauce that goes with everything
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January 2, 2019

Sambal is a spicy sauce or paste native to Indonesia, which can be served with many dishes. Sambal is a staple of Indonesian cuisine, traditionally made with a mortar and pestle, and commonly flavored with ingredients like chilis, shrimp paste, garlic, lime juice, and vinegar. It is the perfect complement to fried fish or chicken, raw vegetables, and noodle dishes. The Six Senses in Uluwatu, Bali shared with us their favorite sambal recipes. Sambal can be served cooked or raw - either way, your tongue will burn and your heart will sing. Store these in a jar in the fridge and serve with anything and everything. Even the simplest grilled chicken recipes will take on the flavors of Bali with sambal (all that’s missing are the cliff-top ocean views).

Sambal Matah


25g Chili

25g Shallot

25g Lemon Grass

10g Shrimp Paste

2g Salt

5g Fresh kaffir lime juice

5ml Coconut oil


1. In the mortar, mix all the ingredients except the fresh lime juice and coconut oil. Slowly pound the ingredients.

2. Add fresh lime juice and coconut oil.

Balinese Spices


125g Shallot

50g Garlic

100g Galangal

50g Ginger

40g Turmeric

30g Lesser Galangal

30g Lemon Grass

45g Scud Chili

5g Shrimp Paste

2pcs Candlenut

2pcs Kaffir Lime Leaf

5g Coriander seeds (grounded)

5g Cumin (grounded)

5g Black Peppercorn (grounded)

2g Salt

30ml Coconut oil


1. Chop and grind up all ingredients.

2. Place in a pot, and cook slowly for about 30 minutes.

Sambal Dabu Dabu


50g Fresh green tomato

50g Fresh Red tomato

20g Fresh shallot

5g Fresh garlic

20g Fresh hot chili

10g Fresh lime juice

10g Fresh chopped coriander

2g Salt

5ml Coconut oil


1. In a mortar, mix the green tomato, red tomato, shallot, garlic, hot chili, and salt. Slowly grind the ingredients until they resemble a rough paste.

2. Add fresh lime juice, coconut oil, and chopped coriander.

Sambal Kacang


100g Fried Peanuts

30g Roasted garlic

25g Roasted shallot

10g Roasted hot chili

25g Roasted Red chili

10g Roasted Shrimp paste

2g Kaffir lime leaf (chopped)

10g Petis

20ml water

1pc Kaffir lime

1pc Lime

2g Salt

30ml Kecap Manis


1. In a mortar, mix all ingredients, except the lime, kecap manis and kaffir lime leaf.

2. Mix all the ingredients into a paste, but not too smooth.

3. Add the lime juice, kecap manis, and kaffir lime leaf.

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