The Soho House Opens in Nashville

Abbey Alexander

It was bound to happen. Years ago, your cool friends started to do weekends in Nashville. Then the likes of Keith Urban and Taylor Swift made the city their full-time home. And during and after the pandemic, there was an influx of people seeking the promised land in Nashville. Now the Soho House has arrived in Tennessee’s capital. Here’s a first look.

The Space

The Nashville House is Soho House’s second Southern venture, following the opening of the Austin House in 2021. Located in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood, the House lies in what management considers Nashville’s “art hub”. Having taken over the old May Hosiery Building constructed in the early 1900s, the Nashville House is thoughtful and inventive inside and out. Combined with warm rich textures, pre-war European aesthetics pay homage to the building’s history, while bold finishes and Bauhaus-like patterns complete an exciting yet comfortable space. 

The Amenities

At a comfortable 77,000 square feet, the Nashville House has just about everything you’d expect. Three indoor/outdoor performance spaces reflect Nashville’s strong musical spirit and aim to inspire impromptu performances from guests. Members can also enjoy the 75-by-24 foot outdoor pool and the surrounding cabanas. To no one’s surprise, Nashville’s musical influence is strong even here. The design team replicated the pattern of a guitar neck throughout the pool tiles. Other members-only spaces include a screening room, health club, and both formal and informal dining rooms. 

As for the Nashville House’s food and drink, the fare at Club Cecconi’s consists of “contemporary Italian dishes, plus Soho House regulars.” The cuisine is mostly Italian-American-inspired, with the addition of a few classic main dishes. Enjoy small bites, pastas made in-house, and regional beers from the expansive drink menu.

The Rooms

Ranging in size from 300 square feet (cozy) to 575 square feet (large), rooms at the Nashville House are available for members and non-members alike, at different rates. By featuring the work of 41 local artists, the design team at Nashville House has imbued the rooms with the energy of the city. The team also sourced custom-made and vintage fabrics to cover the TVs in each room, balancing comfort and luxury. The lofty, open feeling of the building is emphasized by tastefully exposed brick and romantic clawfoot baths. 


Q: Is it a smoke-free property?

A: There is no smoking allowed at Soho House.

Q: When is the pool open?

A: The pool hours are 8a.m.-11p.m. Monday-Thursday and 8-1a.m. Friday-Sunday.

Q: When are the hours at Soho House Nashville?

A: The hours are listed below.

Monday 7–12a.m.
Tuesday 7–12a.m.
Wednesday 7-12a.m.
Thursday 7–1a.m.
Friday 8–2a.m.
Saturday 8–2a.m.
Sunday 7-12a.m.

Soho House Nashville Information

Address: 500 Houston St, Nashville, TN 37203

Phone number:  6155518100


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