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Lufthansa’s Allegris Update

Rohan Vasa, Writer

Lufthansa First Class

Travel starts the moment you board the airplane, and Lufthansa wants to bring the Golden Age of travel back. In fact, they actually want to make it better, with full-fledged private Lufthansa first-class suites, and upgraded business and coach experiences. For example, under Lufthansa Allegris, the business class feels more like a competitor’s first class. Plus, an even better economy class experience. Here’s the preview.

The New Allegris Program

When you think about booking flights for far-flung destinations, how you get there matters. You obviously want to get the most comfortable ride possible, whether you are flying economy, or splurging, for example, on the new Lufthansa first class. Some industry giants like Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways have been way ahead of the game for at least a decade. But, Lufthansa has just launched its new Allegris program, which aims to change that and make it a frontrunner. It is adding a series of new features to its fleet that will personalize air travel and expand its comforts. So, it’s not just Lufthansa’s first class, but also the business and economy experiences that will be enhanced by the Allegris program.

Personalized Travel Experiences

Lufthansa’s Allegris update is a personalized travel experience for long-haul routes. They have re-imagined their seats, cabins, and services to enhance the way we travel. This includes upgrades to their four classes: Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First. Implementing this new initiative is the largest product and service overhaul in the company’s history. The Allegris update includes an investment of $2.5 billion by the end of 2025. Additionally, 27,000 new seats will be added to Lufthansa’s overall fleet. The Economy, Premium Economy, and Business class changes will be presented later this year. Following that the Lufthansa First Class update will premier in 2024. Within its four cabins, there are fourteen varieties of seats, including seven just in Business Class alone.

Lufthansa First Class

With the Allegris update, in First Class, you get a suite to yourself. It features high ceilings and a sliding door to give you your own private cabin. Seats are configured so that there are two single suites on either side of the plane and one double suite in the center. Within your suite are amenities including a wardrobe, specialized lighting, a 10-inch tablet, and plenty of storage space. Additionally, you can control the temperature of your seats to the climate most comfortable for you. The ottoman opposite the seat allows for further customization of comfort. In the double suite, it acts as a way to sit eating opposite your partner during the dining services. It also becomes a bed so that you and your partner can sleep together fully stretched out.

Lufthansa Business Class

The Business class upgrade is a significant difference from the current Lufthansa offering. Now each seat will have access to the aisle as well as similar amenities to First Class. For example, they will also get temperature-controlled seats, their own wardrobe and minibar, and extra comfortable adjustments for sleeping. From there it breaks into seven different variations of seats each priced in different ranges. The front row of the cabin is devoted to Business Class suites with sliding doors and higher enclosures for privacy. Two seats in the middle row can be combined into one suite by closing the sliding doors on either end. Further personalization is seen in individual seat classification. For example –  extra space, extra privacy, extra long beds, double suites, and seats featuring bassinets.

Lufthansa Premium Economy

The Premium Economy cabin has seats with an outer shell. Now, when you recline, or the passenger in front of you does, neither of you will be disturbed. These seats will also be larger and include double armrests in addition to a more comfy pillow and blanket. In addition, there will be noise-canceling headphones, larger screens, and even a fold-out leg rest.

Lufthansa Economy

It may not be so painful anymore, for those who fly economy. Lufthansa economy class will get more space per seat and larger screens. But, perhaps the biggest perk of the Economy update is that passengers can now book the seat next to them for more space. Like all the other class updates, they will get charging ports and a Bluetooth connection. So the nutshell, is that Allegris is setting a new standard for Lufthansa first class, business class, and economy seats, across the board.

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