Hotel Hubertus

Ankita Sharma, Staff Writer

Hotel Hubertus Aerial View

Anyone who said that scrolling through Instagram wasn’t a good use of time is clearly not reading up on travel. A picture speaks a thousand words, which is how this gem of a hotel in the Dolomites caught our eye. Perched up on a mountain, it’s a stunner that may inspire you to build a glass house yourself.


The mountains start calling as soon as the summer sets in. And there’s indeed no such thing as “enough of the mountains”. One of the most gorgeous ones is the Dolomites. And the best part? There’s a luxury hotel here, in the heart of Italy, where you can choose to relax and unwind. Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus is a place where you go to satisfy the luxury demands of your soul after taking up the arduous task of hiking through the rocky mountains.

The Hotel

Hubertus had humble beginnings as a small guest house five decades ago. The hotel has taken its present shape as a five-star property with continuous additions and improvements.

It boasts rooms with jacuzzis and private saunas with a view of the sprawling mountains. There’s an infinity pool which is aptly named sky pool because it, quite literally, opens to the sky. But the best part of Hubertus has to be its spa.

They call it Heaven & Hell because this part of the hotel is suspended in the air. The upper level has whirlpools that offer a view of the colorful rock formations of the Dolomites. And if you’d like a more private affair, head down to the lower level. They have nude saunas and whirlpools as well as an ice room here. The view is equally stunning.

Once you’re done enjoying the wellness services, head to the dining section. Apart from a traditional dining area, there’s a  Hunter’s Parlour that serves gourmet Italian food. For the nightcap, there are choices between a terrace lounge, fireplace room, or H-Lounge. All of which serve exquisite wine and whiskey.


Hubertus is situated in the small commune of Olang in the South Tyrol district of Northern Italy. The area is surrounded by lush green mountains soaked in sun that turn into a winter wonderland if you choose to visit the place then. The only way to reach the hotel is by road. The nearest airport is Bolzano which is about 55 miles from the hotel. Another way is to take a flight directly to South Tyrol. This can be done through Skyalps. Hit us up and we will fix you a flight to take you there.


The room rates range from $270 to $390 depending upon your choice of rooms. They provide airport and train station transfers. Additionally, there is an option of choosing air transfer as well where a chopper is provided to reach the hotel.


Q. How can I make reservations at Hotel Hubertus?

A. You can make the reservations through the hotel website or Galavante. Just let us know the dates you would like to travel.

Q. What is the easiest way to reach Hotel Hubertus?

A. The nearest airport is Bolzano. From here it’s a short drive to the hotel. They have electric charging stations for EVs too.

Q. What are the outdoor activities at Hotel Hubertus?

A. They have activities like hiking, e-biking, Nordic walks, and guided farm visits.

Q. Are pets allowed at the hotel?

A. Yes, pets are allowed for a charge.

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