Cool Restaurants in Paris Now

We know, it’s redundant to use cool and Paris in the same sentence. But how nice is it to be back in the City of Lights?  This is the destination of the fall, should you need any more reason to get away for a long weekend.  And while you were away, a lot has changed, but thankfully, also stayed the same.  These are the cool restaurants in Paris now.

List Courtesy of Gerilas from JK Place Paris

The Restaurant:  Mr. T

The Cuisine:  French, Northern African and International Fusion

Why we like it:

The young chef of – Mr. T restaurant is one of the up-and-coming talents in Paris.  He creates dishes that mix different cuisines from Northern Africa  and even Peru with a distinct elegance and French finish.  Of course, ingreidents are top notch fresh and seasonal products, which means the menu changes frequently.  One day you may find a mélange of roasted carrots  with fried salisfy atop hummus.  Or there will be a Peruvian sushi and even a mac and cheese with truffles.  Among insiders, this is one of the favorites in Paris of the moment.

Forest Dining Room
The Restaurant:  Forest

The Cuisine: Modern International

Why we like it: 

Forest takes it aesthetic lead from its location in the Museum of Modern Art.   Forest first and foremost aspires to inspire you through design and atmosphere.  Their terrace is sublime, and lauded as one of the most beautiful in Paris.  The food at Forest highlights the product – plant, aquatic and animal.  The kitchen philosophy is to keep the food as real as possible. It’s also about the convivial experience, as the dishes are meant to share with a group.

The Restaurant:  Contraste

The Cuisine: French Gastronomy

Why we like it

Contraste is the modern version of the classic French fancy dinner.  The restaurant is one of the most exclusive in the city for a gourmet molecular degustation experience.  This is where you take your foodie group and eat food that you could never prepare at home.  The food itself is the entertainment.

The Restaurant:   Coco

The Cuisine: French 

Why we like it:  Coco is located in the Palais Garnier, the opera house and one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.  That alone makes it a cool restaurant in Paris now.  The dining room, like the building is stunning and fuses high-end fashion with the Art Deco theme.  Coco is the spot to brunch on the weekend.

The Restaurant:  Coya

The Cuisine:  Peruvian

Why we like it:

The garden is beautiful, as is the decor.  Coya is a trendy Peruvian restaurant, that’s not all hype like cool restaurants in Paris can be.  The food is very good and it’s one of the best Peruvian restaurants in the city.  Ceviches are strong but the warm dishes like the Chilean sea bass cooked in an iron pot called a cazuela is a sleeper hit.

The Restauran
t:  Uma Nota

The Cuisine: French Brazilian 

Why we like it: 

This place is a lot of fun.  It’s what you would expect with its Brazilian guests and food.  Uma Nota is a trendy restaurant located in the 2nd district. In Brazilian style, it’s drop by, with no reservations.  They don’t give you the once over though like the Parisian bouncers; they are always welcoming and charming.

The Restaurant
: Le Bar des Pres

The Cuisine: Sushi & French Japanese 

Why we like it: 

If you want your sushi fix in one of the cool restaurants in Paris, then trending Chef Cyril Lignac’s spot is for you.  Le Bar des Prés is an animated and popular spot set in the heart of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés.  The food fuses the best of French with a core Japanese identity.  The atmosphere is perfect for a tete a tete; the dining room is that effortlessly sexy french vibe.

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