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Rohan Vasa, Writer
piaule catskills

If you’d said five years ago that one of the hottest destinations would be the Catskills, we wouldn’t have believed it. Mainly because there were no good places to stay. But now, boutique luxury hotels have surfaced all over the place. And this winter is prime time to get your hygge on at the new Piaule hotel.

The Scene

The Catskills has become the easy getaway for New Yorkers who need a break from city life. After just a two-and-a-half hour drive north, you’ll be surrounded by the rolling hills that create the stunning Hudson Valley. The landscape makes it obvious why people make the journey up, but Piaule Catskills has added another reason to visit. This hotel markets itself as a “landscape hotel,” and that couldn’t be more spot-on. 

The Backstory

Piaule Catskills was started by the creators of Piaule Homeware, known for sleek sustainable designs. They decided to bring a hotel experience to the Catskills that would keep nature at center stage but also give visitors an aesthetic marvel. Out of the 50 acres that they purchased for this venture, only five have been developed for the 24 cabins. The architecture of these standalone cabins is influenced by a Japanese and Scandinavian sensibility. The accommodations are the true stars of the Piaule experience. 

The Cabins

Each of the cabins has been built on stilts, which bring guests higher into the landscape. One of the walls is made entirely of glass, offering full views of the forest. Of course, it’s also outfitted with a screen to protect from bugs if you want to let in some fresh air and sounds. In addition, there are blackout screens in case you want to doze without the sun coming in. Because one reason for going away is to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

The bathrooms have heated stone floors and a massive rain shower. To keep you up-close and personal with nature, there are high windows that let you see the treetops. Each cabin is also outfitted with Pialue linens and amenities, so you can really dig in and get hygge with it. 

The Setting

The restaurant, spa, lobby, and cabins are connected by short paths through the forest. The main building has floor-to-ceiling windows for pristine views and and tons of light. The restaurant and lobby are on the upper level, while the spa is downstairs. In addition, there are streams that run through the property as well as trails for hiking. 

The Restaurant

The restaurant features a farm-to-table menu with ingredients from local purveyors. Dinner is served Thursdays through Sundays, while brunch happens on the weekends. Breakfast is included in the room rate, and each cabin also has its own pour-overs for coffee and tea. The towns of Catskill and Hudson are just a short drive away, should you want another dining option. 

The Spa

The Spa includes a hot pool, mineral plunge, steam room, and sauna. There’s also a yoga and exercise studio for working out and meditating. Additionally, you can sign up for group classes for a more communal experience. There are also treatments available like specialized massages and sound baths.

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