The Review: The Miami Beach Edition

Well, we can confirm with the full hotels and over-the-top pricing, Miami is as hot as ever.  And it’s not just the weather.  So we checked into The Edition in Miami, for some good old Vitamin Sea, South Beach-style.  Here’s our review of the hotel, and whether it’s worthy of your list.


For those who are long-time Miami travelers, what a difference 20 years makes.  What was once a part of Collins Avenue that was essentially wasteland, is now the center of  South Beach.  The Miami Beach Edition is located a few doors down from The Faena, and a half mile or so from the Setai.  As part of the Marriott portfolio, the pro is you can use points to stay here.  The hotel strives to be Miami chic, and is equivalent to what the Shore Club was in its heyday.  What this means is that while the hotel is cool, it’s not quite at the true luxury level.

There are components though like the service and food, which are absolutely some of the top of hotels in South Beach.  But the construction of the hotel was probably missing $20 million, give or take.  This additional investment would have achieved  the quality of building materials in the rooms that would have pushed it firmly into luxury accommodations.  Overall the Miami Beach Edition is the hotel to stay with friends when the price is right and you are good with mid-tier luxury.  Read more of our specific points below.

The Vibe 

The Miami Beach Edition conveys modern, clean and chic.  There are ample attendants at the front ready to help with luggage and cars that you know the Miami Beach Edition is a full-service hotel.  The common areas are the strength of the property. The lobby is airy, light and fun, which continues on with the facilities.  The basement has a bowling alley and ice skating rink, that becomes an adults-only affair in the evenings.  They crank up the music and in pre-COVID times, was a lively yet intimate later-night option.  Today it’s quieter, unless you catch it on a night with groups of friends in the house.

The pool scene is intimate for such a large hotel, and even has a second pool with high dive platforms as part of the art.  The hotel is historic, so was built in a time where liability wasn’t such an issue to include a high dive.  Today of course, it’s all for show.

You actually feel like you’re in someone’s backyard at The Edition. There’s even a small lawn with corn hole and Adirondack chairs to chill.   And of course the Miami Beach Edition is on the beach.  The beach setup isn’t anything notable though, and each room gets two chairs and an umbrella.  The beach cabanas are a slight tier up, but not worth the $800+ or so for the rental.  You would be better off spending that on a pool cabana, though not necessary as the loungers there are good enough.

The Rooms

It’s the rooms that firmly place the Miami Beach Edition as a mid-tier hotel.  They rooms are spotless white, but nothing special.  Flooring, bathroom tile and room appointments are all mid-range and not premium or what you would expect from a luxury hotel.  The furniture is fine, but also nothing special.  If you do want a good room, you need to pay up for it here and not hope for the upgrade.  Everything below an ocean front suite is going to be underwhelming for the luxury traveler.

For when you’re not spending coin on your accommodation, ask for room 725, which is a corner regular room category.  That extra set of windows makes a big difference, although doesn’t get you ocean front.  If you’re planning to spend time in your room, you’re better off at the Faena next door or the 1Hotel down the street.  Essentially the 1Hotel is what you can tell the Miami Beach Edition wanted to be, but just didn’t have enough investment to make it happen.  This even takes into account that The Edition had limitations on the footprint of the rooms as a historic hotel.  You would stay here only based on a cost comparison to a property like the 1Hotel.

The Food

There is a lot of top food in Miami right now, especially with the New York City transplants.  So the standards of any hotel to become a dining destination, are at a challenging high. Luckily for The Edition, this is an area they shine.   The food and beverage are run by Jean-Georges, so it’s one of the components of the hotel that makes up for the accommodations.  Everything from the food at Market, to the fine dining restaurant Matador Room, is top quality.

Market, which is the casual breakfast spot, has good croissants and pastries you can take to go.  Otherwise it’s an outdoor and indoor sit down affair, that’s also open through lunch and early evening. For breakfast, they also make a beautifully portioned Huevos Rancheros, where you should ask for an extra side of rancheros sauce.  During daytime hours, you can order the shrimp cocktail which is colossal, and makes for a healthy snack.

Even the pool and beach menus are delicious, where fish tacos and guacamole shine.  You would come to the Miami Beach Edition to eat if you did not stay at the hotel.  Matador is lively during the evenings and also for Sunday brunch where they have Jean-Georges’ famous pizzas.  The wild mushroom with poached egg is a gourmet crowd-pleaser.

The Service

We wanted to end on a good note in our review, so we would say that the service is a 9/10.  The majority of people here seem like they enjoy the hotel.  It isn’t the less personal “I went to Swiss hotel school” service either, but rather real Miami folk looking to make a living.  The hotel managers are accustomed to the Amex travelers expecting more out of the Fine Hotels & Resorts properties.  They do their best with what they have to work with on the room inventory.  Front desk receptionists, while it can get crowded at check in and checkout time, are all professional and welcoming.  The servers in the restaurants are also excellent, and learn to memorize your orders.  There’s a staffing shortage overall, but everyone is hustling and many of their staff are memorable from the stay.  Overall you walk away from a weekend at The Edition Miami with service as a high point of the experience.

Overall:  6.5/10


Q: When are the check-in and check-out times at the Miami Beach Edition?

A: Check-in is at 4p.m., and check-out is at 11a.m.

Q: Is there free Wi-Fi?

A: Yes, guests are provided access to the hotel’s Wi-Fi.

Q: Is the property smoke-free?

A: Yes, the Miami Beach Edition is a smoke-free property.

Q: What is offered at the fitness center?

A: The onsite fitness center is open 24 hours a day, and it has elliptical machines, exercise bikes, free weights, treadmills, weight machines, and more.

The Miami Beach Edition Information

Address: 2901 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

Phone number:   7862574500


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