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If there’s one hotel that best encompasses St Barts, it’s this one. To call it iconic is an understatement. According to Conde Nast Traveller, Eden Rock St Barts is the “Best Hotel in the World”, and we find it hard to disagree. This luxurious 5-star hotel has recently undergone major renovations, with all of its suites being redesigned. But don’t worry too much, that special 1950’s vintage vibe is still there. And let’s not forget about the private beach, where many of the Eden Rock St Barts celebrities frequent. This is one hotel that you’re never going to want to leave, and we can’t blame you. 

Eden Rock St Barts Review


Eden Rock is located on the Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy. The island is known for its white sand beaches and designer shops, and is a haven for celebrities. The hotel itself sits on the edge of a rocky spur that looks out over the Caribbean Sea. 

Length Of Stay

We would recommend at least 4 nights (it admittedly takes a while to get there). There is also a 3 day minimum length-of-stay policy for the holidays. We can guarantee that you won’t want to leave sooner than that anyways. 

When To Visit

Other than hurricane season (July and August), we’d recommend visiting Eden Rock St Barts at any time of the year. The holidays are a great time to visit, especially if you want to escape the cold and be basking in the sun on Christmas day. 

Eden Rock St Barts Amenities

Following renovations, three new sea-view rooms (Tristan, Arthur and Theodore) have been built on top of the Sand Bar. These rooms offer private terraces, a king-sized bed and a stunning bathroom. You can also find three new suites (Jane, Pippa and Vogue) at Eden Rock St Barts. We personally love the Pippa Suite. This ultraluxe cabin-style suite offers only the best in luxury and furnishings, and includes a heated cave pool. 

You’ll also find that the beachside villas have been remodeled. This includes Villa Rockstar (Leo’s favorite) which now comprises of six suites. This villa consistently ranks as one of the world’s top three greatest beach houses and is simply breathtaking. It’s no wonder that so many of the Eden Rock St Barts celebrities like to stay here. 

The famous Sand Bar Restaurant has been enlarged to feature the new Remy Bar. It’s a laid back Colonial-style beach bar, which serves food all day. Master Chef Jean-Georges has assumed his post in spearheading the culinary endeavors of Eden Rock. For those of you who have dined at one of his NYC restaurants, you’ll know that there are only good things to come. 

We love white sand beaches as much as the next person, but sometimes we need a spa day. Eden Rock St Barts offers guests luxury spa packages, access to a medical spa and the best skin treatments you can find. The local brand Ligne St Barth is the star of the menu for a range of treatments that use natural and sundrenched products. Guests, and not just Eden Rock St Barts celebrities, can also enjoy personalized fitness training programs and wellness activities. 

Thankfully though, some things stay the same. And that’s the pristine beach, the iconic hotel rooms on the rock and the incredible team and service. Not to mention the impossibly beautiful people that choose to stay here. 

Unique Features Of The Hotel

True to its reputation, Eden Rock continues to exhibit artworks and introduce artists to the world. It still maintains its collaboration with the New York Academy of Art’s Graduate School, but Eden Rock has also unearthed furniture and accessories from local artisans. They’re sourcing bespoke antiques from France, the UK, Italy and the US, which now make up the interior of the hotel.

Eden Rock St Barts Celebrities 

Every A-list celebrity has stayed at Eden Rock – we’re talking Howard Hughes, Greta Garbo, Robert Mitchum and David and Peggy Rockefeller. Leo and his gaggle of supermodels are also frequent guests of the luxury hotel. Even celebrities need a little rest and relaxation now and again, so it’s no surprise that the likes of Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez pop by from time to time as well. You’re more than likely to spot at least one celebrity during your stay at Eden Rock St Barts, it’s just a question of which one. 

It’s hard to compete with Eden Rock St Barts. No where else will you find such incredible views paired with luxurious rooms and furnishings, all modeled on a 1950’s oasis. And it doesn’t hurt that there are plenty of Eden Rock St Barts celebrities casually strolling around the 5-star hotel either. This is guaranteed to be the best vacation of your life, so make the most of it and enjoy yourself.


Q: Does the hotel have free Wi-Fi?

A: Yes, one of the hotel’s amenities is free Wi-Fi.

Q: Is Eden Rock near an airport?

A: Yes, the hotel is 1.1 km from Gustaf III Airport.

Q: When are the check-in and check-out times at Eden Rock?

A: Check-in is at 3p.m., and check-out is at noon.

Eden Rock St Barts Information

Address: Baie de Saint Jean, Saint Barthélemy 97133, St. Barthélemy

Phone number: +590 590 29 79 99


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