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Where Off-Season Travel is the New In-Season


By now, you’ve probably hit the slopes. Maybe the Caribbean a few times. That’s all good, because the prime time for those destinations is now. But what if you have a long weekend, or want to telecommute from somewhere other than home? There are destinations where, over the next few months, off-season travel is the new in-season. Sometimes it’s good to go against the grain. The reward is the authenticity of the experience, good weather, and a chance to vacation like you’re a local. Here are six places you should consider for off-season travel.

The Destination: Madrid

When to go: December – March

The Details:

Madrid is so beautiful in the winter that all you need is sunglasses and a hat. During the day, temps get up to the 60’s so you can comfortably eat outside. We’ve been talking about how cool the city is and part of why we love it so much is the Habsburg architecture. This makes the buildings in Madrid unique even from other European city. The Habsburg dynasty known as Los Austria held power in Spain in the 16th and 17th centuries when Spain was most powerful and influential.
During their reign, the Kingdom created an architectural representation of good governance and justice, the qualities of the powerful monarchy that each of the five Kings wanted to uphold.  Regardless of the history, the architecture of Madrid leaves a distinct impression. And you pretty much can’t go wrong walking around anywhere. We would start the day at Puerta del Sol, the city center where you can take in the must see statues where the city really begins. Plaza del Oriente is another great stop for beautiful gardens, and the Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral exemplify what we’re talking about when we say royal, regal, and powerful buildings. And the most prominent example is probably Plaza Mayor which was once the place where bullfights, coronations and executions all happened in the 17th century. We also recommend the museums because you’re not missing anything when the weather is good. It’s rare that weather makes travel off-season accessible, but when it does, its perfect.

Where to Stay: The Rosewood Villa Magna 


The Destination: Ibiza

When to go: New Year’s Eve and April – Early June

The Details:

When you think of New Year’s Eve, you probably don’t think of Ibiza, but we’re here to tell you that you should. It’s actually a huge secret that all the biggest celebrities fly to Ibiza for NYE to party, and it feels like a very upscale Burning Man.  The daytime temps are in the 60s, and in the evening, it’s just chilly enough to wear comfy warm sweaters and Uggs.

The Six Senses throws an epic party where you dress up in costume, a la the Burning Man vibe we mentioned earlier. The hotel is full like it’s July; all the villas are rented out so people are hanging all week.  The clubs that fill the summer months also are shut off season. But you can’t take the party out of Ibiza.

During the day, there are also plenty of activities that you might actually miss if you go during the summer. The town is architecturally stunning white buildings to walk past, and the cooler weather makes vineyard runs super enjoyable.
Another compelling reason for off-season travel to Ibiza is to see the almond trees in full bloom. Ibiza has the most almond trees apart from California, and during May they all bloom. Almond trees bloom with stunning white flowers that, when lit by moonlight, look as if they aren’t meant to be on earth. As the wind blows, it is a stunning sight to see the almond blossoms flowing through the air, and you don’t get that in July. Off-season travel to Ibiza might just be the new in season.

Where to Stay: Six Senses Ibiza 

The Destination: Rome

When to go: January to April 

The Details:

There really is no reason not to visit Rome during the winter. Due to its location, you get milder months, but the cold is no where near depressing enough to limit any Italian activities. Tours of the monuments are made infinitely better in the winter because there are no crowds getting in the way. You can make a reservation for Galleria Borghese day of. Also, the site visits are infinitely more magical with the stunning winter sunsets that see Rome.
Unlike during the summer, the sun starts to set in the afternoon and casts long, warm shadows that make pictures incredible. And yet, the mild temps mean that you can still indulge in all the gelato your heart desires. The best reason, however, is definitely the slashed prices at all of the top hotels. You can afford to stay for days longer in the winter than in the summer and you still get that 5-star experience. We also know Rome from the inside.

Where to Stay: Hotel Eden

The Destination: Copenhagen

When to go:  March to May, September to October

The Details:

If you call yourself a foodie, then a pilgrimage to Copenhagen should be on your list. For many years, Noma topped the best restaurant in the world lists, and was the hardest reservation to land. Today, Chef Rene Redzepi’s 20-course menu that can be life-changing is still a draw to come to Copenhagen. However, he tutored the next generation of top chefs in the world, who have gone on to open their own restaurants. So, off-season travel, before the throngs of crowds arrive for the summer, will increase your changes of one of the top culinary trips you can take in your lifetime.

Where to Stay: Hotel D’Angleterre


When to go: November – May

The Details:

It’s all about the weather. in the winter while we’re trudging through the snow, Rio residents are enjoying the beach. Though they have insane panoramic views year round, there’s no reason not to take advantage of the best time of year to get in the water.
There’s something enticing about distant samba music and the sight of people surfing that just feels good. Rio also has a unique mix of rainforest, beach, and city which means that there is no shortage of activities and no dearth of people. If you stay for the month of march, too, you’re in for a treat as Carnival is one of the biggest parties in the world. Not only do people dance in the streets all day and night, but they light fireworks, perform at balls, and make music non stop. Brazil is also famous for their delicious food which is a perfect indulgence during the winter months. Rio might not be everyone’s first thought, but Tom and Gisele know how to do it right.

Where to Stay: The Belmond Copacabana

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