The Fasano Trancoso

Rohan Vasa, Writer

Fasano Trancoso

You may not know it, but there’s a small town in Brazil that celebs have been traveling to incognito for ages. Where people like Anderson Cooper can feel the sand under their toes and go completely (well almost completely) unnoticed. The pace is slow, yet authentic. The music is influenced by the deep African roots in the South American community. The food is sublime, even the simplest meal at a random café on the beach. And the beach, well, it’s the stuff that you dream of. This is Fasano Trancoso, a new hotel that makes the region even more compelling to visit.


The fact that it is currently Summer in Trancoso makes it an ideal place to escape the winter. Equally enticing is that it’s not a major Brazilian city, so you can still get a sense of remoteness while keeping the charm of the country. Trancoso is located at the bottom of the State of Bahia, a short flight from both Rio and São Paolo. As a result, you can find the jet set crowd from both cities sunbathing on the beaches. Although people come here to reset and relax, Quadrado, the village’s historic downtown, is a quick drive away with a stunning church and scenic views of the Atlantic. 

The Hotel

Fasano Trancoso was built in a way that pays respect to both the community of people living in the area and the incredible landscape it is surrounded by. Star architect Isay Weinfeld created a design in harmony with nature whether it be from the layout to the actual materials used in construction. A third of the 300 hectare estate is a natural reserve, filled with a thick tropical forest and plenty of wildlife. In addition, outdoor signage and lighting are sparse keeping much of the natural flora and fauna flourishing throughout the property. Of course, a large stretch of the estate are the beach front villas.

The Bungalows

Fasano Trancoso offers forty beachfront bungalows in a series of four categories that range by size. The smallest is sixty square meters and one floor while the other three larger options are two floors and include a roof terrace. Each roof comes with outdoor furniture and a hammock for lounging. All four options of Bungalows come with the finest Egyptian cottons, a marbled bathroom, and high pressure shower. The interiors combine minimalist white walls with exposed wooden accents. There are also the usual luxury amenities like an A.C., flat screen T.V., a minibar and double vanity bathrooms. 

The Dining

The restaurant is led by chef Zé Branco, who has experience working with the Fasano Group. He has created a menu that includes both Italian and Bahian specialties. For the Italian side of the menu there are plenty of antipasti, risottos, pastas, and seafood dishes. Some Bahian regional dishes on the menu are the moqueca (seafood stew), the bobó de camarão com arroz (shrimp and rice), and the quindim (a coconut egg custard). In addition to the main restaurant there is also an ocean front eatery open during the day, just a few steps away from the sea. 

The Experiences

Fasano Trancoso has a whopping half a kilometer long wooden deck that connects the bungalows to the public area. This same deck has tons of sunbeds and two pools, one for adults and one for children. The spa has a sauna and wellness pool in addition to massage rooms for therapies and treatments. There is also a fitness center with tons of workout equipment. 

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