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A $250,000 Honeymoon in Antarctica

Rohan Vasa, Writer

antarctica honeymoon

You’ve found your person. For some, it’s the second, or third time around, because hey, you’re a romantic.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. The point is, you landed where you should and that’s with your lifelong travel partner. So, for your honeymoon, you’re thinking big. We’re here to throw an out-of-the-box idea at you in the form of a stop in Antarctica. It’s not just any Antarctic experience either where you’re roughing it on a Drake Sea crossing. Instead, you’ll fly in style on a private plane from South Africa to the seventh continent. Once there, you’ll get to experience the celebration, stay at luxury accommodations, and enjoy some arctic activities. Red Savannah, a luxury travel company, has recently launched a destination honeymoon experience like no other. This is a look at one of the most honeymoons, clocking in around $250,000 in Antarctica.

most expensive honeymoon antarctica

South Africa + Antarctica

For one of the most expensive honeymoons around, the experience starts in Cape Town, South Africa. Here, parties of up to twelve take the five hour flight across the Southern Ocean to Antarctica. You can either buy out the experience just for you and your new partner, or bring a few friends and family along for the ride. If you’re bringing  up to 12 friends and family, one of the most expensive honeymoons at $250,000 starts to look reasonable. Guests touch down on Wolf’s Fang runway where they are welcomed to the celebration. There will be a honeymoon breakfast on the ice, a cake cutting ceremony, and of course champagne. 


From here you can either fly back or opt to stay for a night or two. It would be a shame quite honestly to leave early. Being that so few people make it to Antarctica, it would be a unique adventure to spend some time relishing the moment. Guests are invited to stay at Echo, an accommodation in Antarctica’s White Desert. This polar camp consists of six futuristic sky pods that feature floor to ceiling windows. Of course one of the most expensive honeymoons, is going to have a luxurious place like Echo to stay, even in a place as remote as Antarctica. 

most expensive honeymoon echo antarctica

Each pod has its own bedroom, bathroom, and communal area for socializing. In addition, meals will be prepared with ingredients brought over from South Africa and prepared with accompanying wines. Echo is by far the most luxurious camp on the continent, with views of a landscape that parallels the moon. 

Whichaway Camp

Whichaway Camp is another luxury option set on the banks of the frozen freshwater lake, Schirmacher Oasis. This accommodation also includes six state of the art pods including a communal lounge, library, and dining area. Additionally, it has a wellness space and sauna. This is a perfect way for the lucky couple to wind down. 


There are also plenty of activities to enjoy while in Antarctica. Visit a colony of 28,000 Emperor Penguins or explore some ice tunnels. Go ice and mountain climbing or book an Arctic truck safari. Venture out into the sea for whale watching or take an adventure picnic. There are additional options, each customizable to what guests want. 

So what does one of the most expensive honeymoons include? The $250,000 honeymoon in Antarctica includes the flight there and back, the accommodations, food and drinks, and all the activities. Additionally, $1,000 per person will be donated to initiatives that support conservation and sustainability on the continent. 

To Book

This would be one of the most expensive honeymoons you can take, but otherwise, it’s a trip made for friends and family. The $250k covers up to 6 couples, so also optimal for those who just want to explore the world in style. Message us at [email protected] and we’ll hook you up.

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