Where the Royals Eat in London

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

In honor of King Charles’ coronation on May 6th, we’re in a London frame of mind. After seven decades, King Charles, the longest-awaiting heir in history, will officially ascend to the British throne. There’s a whole lot of responsibility that goes along with that, including the future of the Monarchy. So, like no pressure. As if it were easy anyway, as royals give up a lot of everyday personal freedoms. But every once in a while they are able to venture out and about in London, just like us. After all, royal responsibilities work up an appetite, or at least deserve a pint. These are the top spots where the royals eat in London.

Who: The Late Queen Elizabeth

Where: Bellamy’s & The Goring

We can’t do a list of where the royals eat in London, without a shout out to the late Queen Elizabeth. It’s hard to believe, but it’s reported that Bellamy’s is one of the few places ever dined out in London. She reportedly dined on exactly what you think a queen may eat: caviar, quail and eel.

The Goring, a classic hotel in London where Kate Middleton stayed before her wedding, was also a favorite of the Queen’s. Or at least a place she liked enough, to host her annual party for the palace staff.

Who: King Charles & Queen Camilla

Where: Mount Street

Mount Street is a new-wish French restaurant in Mayfair. They serve everything from lobster pie to quail, and soufflés for dessert. This is a surprising place for where the royals eat in London because it’s a new spot. Also, it’s a modern and sleek yet classic restaurant, with art and decor to match. So it’s not instinctively where King Charles eats in London for our list, but we like it. Looks like he’s modernizing the Monarchy, yet keeping with some classic elements, in more ways than one.

Who: William and Kate, The Prince and Princess of Wales

Where: Bumpkin + Brinkley’s

What we like so much about William and Kate, is that they seem so down-to-earth. Yes, they are the future King and Queen of England, but yet they’re hands on parents. They hit the local grocery store, and occasionally eat out at restaurants in London. Their choice for restaurants as well, especially when they take out their staff, only makes them more down-to-earth. Case in point: Bumpkin, where the royals eat in London, is a casual neighborhood spot. The sad part though is this favorite, which had been around for decades is now closed.

However, there’s a theme to the types of places where the Royals eat in London. When William and Kate were still dating, another casual spot, Brinkley’s was on their rotation. Brinkley’s is a long-time London neighborhood restaurant, that serves the best chips in town. So while William and Kate’s date nights are normally black tie obligations nowadays, in their element they go low-key.

Who: Kate, the Princess of Wales

Where: Bluebird Chelsea & Hollywood Arms

If there’s one thing that is clear about Kate Middleton, it’s that family is everything. From the day she married and put her sister Pippa in a white bridesmaid’s dress, it was clear their sisterhood was goals. So while Kate is a Princess, she’s a sister first, and often meets out Pippa in the Chelsea neighborhood. Where royals eat in London includes Bluebird and Hollywood Arms, which are two top spots for a casual lunch.

Who: William, The Prince of Wales

Where: Prince Albert

At the end of the day, William is just a future King, who enjoys a pint at the end of a hard day’s work. The Prince Albert pub may not roll off the tip of the tongue for where Royals eat in London, but that’s the beauty of it. Around since 1866, Prince Albert is the place for classic British atmosphere and food. Just thinking about it makes you want to pull up a stool and order some fish and chips.

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