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A Luxury Wellness Retreat

For a place that is about hardcore medical treatments and integrative medicine, it sure is pretty. Pretty stunning, that is; the Spanish location of SHA Wellness is set right on the Mediterranean Sea. With programs that start at seven days, this is more than a surface-level detox. This luxury wellness retreat is all about a brand new you. It’s the perfect way to end a trip to Spain, after you indulge in culture and food in Madrid, and the summertime adventures of Ibiza.

Location: Alicante, Spain


There’s a school of thought that says that an authentic wellness retreats should be bare-bones. Austere. No booze. Bland food. But really, is that the real world? Yes, you may be able to power through and lose a few pounds on some of these wellness retreats. But nine times out of 10, it’s all temporary. Because most people can’t subsist on bone broth, no sugar, and whatever other fad is on tap at the retreat. That’s why SHA Wellness, a luxury wellness retreat, caught our eye. It also happens to be, first and foremost, a stunning hotel high up in the hills of Southeastern Spain.

The Program

You know they say: Losing weight is 80% of what you eat, and 20% of what you do. The SHA Method combines medical treatments with dietary re-education. It’s also not just about losing weight, but rather about achieving wellness for a longer life. So with the dietary re-education, you have a fair shot at continuing those good habits after your multi-day detox program.

The SHA Method is based on these foundations:

  • healthy nutrition
  • natural therapies
  • preventative and healthy-aging medicine
  • advanced aesthetics
  • wellbeing and inner balance
  • physical performance.

Essentially, how you feel on the inside has a direct impact on your outside. That’s what sets SHA Wellness apart from other luxury wellness retreats.

The Accommodations

By accommodations alone, this is one of the top luxury wellness retreats in the world. Suites begin at 800+ square feet, with open-plan living and bedroom areas. Rooms are all serene enclaves that align with the white, modern Mediterranean structure of the hotel.


There’s no clutter, which puts you in the right wellness frame of mind. When you tier up from the entry-level Superior Suite, the Presidential and Royal Suites are #apartmentgoals, with stunning mountain and water views. What’s surprising is that room prices will not break the bank. In low season, you can get a Superior Suite for around 350 euro. The value of this luxury wellness retreat is tough to beat, and worth the investment of the plane ticket.

The Food

We’re going to do a more elaborate write-up on SHA Wellness this fall, and get you the full critique on the cuisine. Can you lose weight without being miserable? Well, with food this beautifully presented, we’re optimistic. There are even dishes like rice and potatoes, so our curiosity is piqued. It’s one of the many reasons why this luxury wellness retreat is on the radar this month.

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