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Mila Grgas, Contributor

Pro tip: always have a good florist, should the occasion arise. Maybe it’s to say thank you for a kind deed. Or congratulations for a friend’s accomplishment. Or less pleasant, the always-difficult apology. Whatever the reason, don’t do it with 1-800-FLOWERS. We have the florists to reflect your exquisite taste.

The Flower Shop: Ovando

Location: New York, Southampton, and Palm Beach

The Signature Arrangement: Anything with orchids.

Ovando is a pioneer in the flower industry. Since 2003, founder Sandra de Ovando and her team have created gorgeous, modern floral arrangements, from budgets of $150 to $1 million. The New York-based florist started out in the restaurant business, but clearly flowers were her true passion. Way back when standard roses ruled the roost, de Ovando pushed the design limits of flower arrangements with signature orchids bouquets. She is is inspired by her extensive world travels, including Europe and Asia. No matter what arrangement you order, an Ovando arrangement is modern, unique, and always a feast for the eyes.

General arrangement price: $200 and up. The arrangement pictured clocks in around $355.

The Flower Shop: Lewis Miller Design

Location: New York

The Signature: Flower Flash.

Lewis Miller is the Banksy of the flower world. Similarly to the famed artist, Lewis Miller takes to the streets with his publicly displayed flower arrangements. These are called Flower Flashes, and they pop up in the city free to enjoy. The installations, and the photos to follow, have put Lewis Miller Designs in the mind of a million New Yorkers.  But not just anyone can get these giant event pieces on demand. The Lewis Miller client list spans from Harry Winston to Vogue,, from MOMA to the New York Public Library. For a while, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Millers’s team also sold Flower Flashes delivered to your home. Until that returns, having Lewis Miller Design’s floral arrangements at your next event is a good enough reason to plan one.

General arrangement price: $255 and up.


The Flower Shop: Plaza Flowers

Location: Upper East Side, New York

Speciality: Delicate, lady-like bouquets that are just pretty.

If you ever wondered where those families whose names adorn libraries and museums all over the world order their floral arrangements, your safest bet is Plaza Flowers. A mainstay in the Upper East Sider’s book of decorating, Plaza Flowers has been around for three generations. What’s kept the enterprise en vogue? Its made-to-order designs.  Every order is handpicked by you and the florists, unique to you and anyone your flowers are for.

General arrangement price: $175 and up.

The Flower Shop: Urban Stems

Location: Washington DC

Specialty: Double Juliet Bundle.

Since 2013 Urban Stems has been ahead of the pack in terms of luxury online flower deliveries. Founders Ajay Kori and Jeff Sheely set out to create an updated flower delivery system. Urban Stems delivers all over the U.S. from sustainable farms, offering quicker, easier, and higher-quality service than your average 1-800-WHATEVER. We’re just sayin’: Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and Urban Stems is well prepared to help you delight Mom. These Mother’s Day arrangements are perfect for all of spring. Urban Stem’s Double Juliet bundle is a good choice for anyone with family or friends farther from home.

General arrangement price: $100.

Ode à la Rose

Location: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington DC

Specialty: Ella

Ode à la Rose is a brand started by two Frenchmen in need of some good flowers in New York City. Olivier Plusquellec and Louis Brunet decided to take matters into their own hands, and since 2013 have been delivering next day nationwide. Ode à la Rose is a tribute to French tastes, so you know freshness comes first. Plusquellec and Brunet’s signature pink gift box is somewhat of an online aesthetic sensation, and it helps keep the flowers in good condition while in transport. The Ode à la Rose catalog features weekly and monthly subscriptions.

General arrangement price: $150.




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