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You deserve a vacation like nobody’s business. So that’s why we’re here with Galavante’s new travel shop. You pick the days and the destinations, and we take it from there. From arrival jet to departure jet, we got you covered — including at the best hotels in the world. This week is our focus is on Portugal, on a beach, in absolute barefoot luxury.

Why Portugal

Portugal has been an up-and-coming destination for travel for a while, but the pandemic derailed things. Now, in the summer of 2022, travel in Europe is back, and Portugal is finally and deservedly a top destination. There is a rich history and culture here, not to mention the food, the generosity of the people, and the stunning landscapes. We recommend going to our travel shop and booking a stay at Immerso, a luxurious surf resort.


After you land in Lisbon and have had your fill of sightseeing and exploring the city, make your way to the beaches of Ericeira. This small town is only thirty minutes away. It’s close enough to the capital’s hubbub but far enough away that you really feel like you’re escaping. Ericeira is Europe’s most-sought-after surfing destination (and is its first surfing reserve) so you know the beaches are good. In addition to its whitewashed, blue-trimmed houses and cobblestone streets, the charming town has a range of excellent pastry shops. Immerso is the first five-star hotel in the area, but it isn’t so over the top that it drowns out the culture of the area. In fact, Immerso focuses on eco-sustainability. The retreat promotes mindfulness and coexistence with the wondrous landscape. 


Immerso is nestled in a green valley with views of the sea and just steps away from the beach. Its architecture balances natural aesthetics with a sophisticated design that integrates the buildings into the topography. With palpable respect for the ecosystems of the area, Immerso supports native plant species — and has its own organic garden. In addition, the place emphasizes community. Most of the furniture and decorations are made in Portugal, often by local artisans. Immerso also reduces carbon emissions through prohibiting plastics, having electric vehicle ports and free e-bikes, and sourcing locally-grown products.


There are 12 great beaches in close proximity for surfing or afternoon tanning. But Immerso also offers a slew of other activities: surf lessons, horseback riding, kayaking, visiting markets with the Immerso’s head chef, wine tastings, and garden workshops. The spa has a sauna, Turkish baths, a sensory bath, a steam room, and massage treatments. The gym features both an indoor area with the necessary workout equipment and an outdoor space for yoga and meditation. 


The dining experience is designed and overseen by Alexandre Silva. At Emme, you can sit inside or on the veranda and enjoy dishes based on products from the garden. Emme on Fire has a communal bonfire and focuses on dishes cooked in flames, from Portuguese fare to pizzas. The Pool Bar serves craft beer with hops grown from Immerso’s own garden and includes DJ sets on special evenings. 

Whether you come for the surf, the relaxation, or the food, Immerso has it in spades.

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