Rosewood Villa Magna

Christine Drinan, Founder

Rosewood Villa Magna

Speaking of hotel portfolios that do it right, Rosewood has the magic touch. Villa Magna is a historic former private mansion, but somehow until Rosewood arrived, it didn’t quite hit that level of luxury as a hotel. But that’s all in the past, as we would say Villa Magna has exceeded even its original glory. These are the dets of one of the best luxury hotels in Madrid.


What I like first and foremost about Villa Magna is that it feels like an elegant home. Of all the luxury hotels in Madrid, Villa Magna is the one that reflects the elegance of the city. It’s also the only one of the luxury hotels in Madrid that is in the affluent local Salamanca neighborhood. It makes sense because Villa Magna was once a nobel’s home, which was known for their lavish parties. Under the watch of Rosewood, Villa Magna reaches its full potential, without being overly ornate or brash luxury. Instead, the luxury is understated, just like Madrid, but clear this is where the power players stay. It’s also one of the only luxury hotels in Madrid where you have just as many locals who frequent the food and beverages spots as tourists. Villa Magna is as authentic and effortlessly luxurious as it gets.


The rooms at Villa Magna are serene and relaxing that have character beyond generic hotel rooms. The decor is temporary yet traditional and in Rosewood style, beautifully accessorized. The bar is one of the highlights, which is stocked with local food and beverage. They also have all the fixings for cocktails, with fresh lemon and lime and elegant glassware to host your own pre and post-party.

Spa + Gym

The subterranean spa and gym may be petite but they are luxurious. Sense Spa focuses on what they refer to as “lost treatments” like a traditional Hammam. The Hammam is a personal favorite; not only because I’m scrubbed clean but also because the marble room is as luxe as it gets. They do right by the Moroccan treatment as well as their facial and massages. The treatments are somewhere between surface level and medical grade, which is exactly what you want to feel pampered. They also have blow out services to get you ready for the fun evenings out in Madrid.

Dining + Lounges

One of the most compelling aspects of Villa Magna is its flow of lounges, dining, garden and bars. When you walk into the hotel, you’re in an elegant foyer that opens up into a large living room, Flor y Nata. This area is the all day tea and snack salon, with comfortable couches and gathering spots, set around several fireplaces. It’s here that you see that Villa Magna is the hotel of the locals. For me, I fly through Madrid just so I can stay at Villa Magna and work here for a day. With the banks and businesses nearby, the weekday is a scene of beautiful people of all ages gathering for catch ups. There is also a bar with an enclosed courtyard that has fireplaces and heating lamps during the winter for year-round cocktails.

One of the prettiest areas of the hotel is the outdoor garden of La Brasas de Castellana. The indoor restaurant is the all-day dining option, with starts with one of the best breakfasts of the luxury hotels in Madrid. This is one of the places where they will make my celery juice when it’s not too busy and shot of lemon, ginger and cayenne. They go above and beyond. The restaurant is also  the perfect summer spot to have cocktails after work along with tapas. For more formal dinner dining, Amos by celebrity Chef Jesus Sanchez is the gastronomic restaurant at the hotel. I typically don’t stay at the hotel for dinner, but there are plenty of people who come in.



The service at the Rosewood Villa Magna is in a word: impeccable. As one of the best luxury hotels in Madrid, the service reflect the rest of the hotel;  elegant and polished. You’ll notice a full team at the door as well as security around the hotel, because Villa Magna is where dignitaries and the touring rockstars stay. (It was nice to ride an elevator with you, Harry Styles). The concierge team is competent, and after a long trip they’re able to help me get all my logistics sorted.

Overall: 8.2/10

Villa Magna is one of the best luxury hotels in Madrid especially if you want to be in the chic local’s neighborhood of Salamanca. I come by Madrid just so I can stay a night or two at my favorite hotel in the city.

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Q: What is the address of Rosewood Villa Magna in Madrid?

A: The Rosewood Villa Magna is located at P.º de la Castellana, 22, 28046 Madrid, Spain. Villa Magna is one of the top luxury hotels in Madrid located in the Salamanca neighborhood.

Q: What restaurants are at Rosewood Villa Magna?

A: There are four restaurants at Villa Magna, which include: Amos by Jesus Sanchez, Las Brasas des Castellana, Flor y Nata and Trade O.

Q: Does Rosewood Villa Magna have a spa?

A: Of course, as one of the top luxury hotels in Madrid, Villa Magna has the Sense Spa.

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