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Celebs in the Hamptons

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Kendall Jenner - Hamptons Celebs

It started with P. Diddy’s White Party which, for many years, reigned supreme on the Hamptons social circuit. He’s long since passed the torch though, and today, that distinction goes to billionaire Michael Rubin. It doesn’t hurt that Rubin hosts his 4th of July bash in his $50 million pad. Or that Jay Z, Robert Kraft, and Drake are his BFFs. This is where to see celebs in the Hamptons.

Hamptons Celebrity Guide
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Michael Rubin’s 4th of July Party

The Celebs: Jazy-Z, Queen Bey, Drake, Robert Kraft, Kendall Jenner & many more

You have to love a guy who posts his college transcript from Villanova with a 1.87 GPA and is now a billionaire. That’s Michael Rubin in a nutshell; he’s a guy who keeps it real, although he’s worth over $11 billion dollars. An internet entrepreneur who sold his e-commerce companies to eBay, he’s made multiples on his exits since from a myriad of other investments. So what to do with all that cash? Well, you buy yourself a fat $50 million manse on the beach in the Hamptons for starters.

In 2021, Rubin hosted his first White Party over the Fourth of July, and it’s quickly become the most coveted invitation of the Hamptons year. The invitation comes in a bottle of Ace of Spades in a custom case, and it’s for a coveted 200 of his BFFs, which is essentially the list of top celebrities in the Hamptons. In previous years, guests Meek Mills & Drake have spontaneously performed, along with a top lineup of musical talent. It’s essentially easier to name top celebs in the Hamptons who aren’t at Michael Rubin’s party than those who are in attendance.

the hamptons

Have no fear though if you’re not invited to Michael Rubin’s White Party. The Hamptons is a perennial playground for the celebrity set. The sun is shining which means it’s time for the annual round-up of the hottest places to see celebs in the Hamptons. From birthday bashes to morning coffee, the celebs that flee the city in the warmer months are out and about in the Hamptons. This is where to find celebs in the Hamptons.

The Starbucks on Main Street

The Celebs: Ellen Pompeo, Steven Spielberg, Renee Zellweger

Even when in the Hamptons, celebs can’t go without their Starbucks. It’s nice to know that stars are people too — a bit obsessed with mediocre coffee. Although, we would love to know what they order. The location of Main is the spot to stop in if you’re shopping, or trying to spot some celebs in the Hamptons on their morning errand run. Of course, it’s an upscale outpost of the franchise, and there are plenty of tables to sit at while on celeb watch.

Bostwick’s Chowder House

The Celebs: Neil Patrick Harris, Bobby Flay, Jimmy Fallon

High-end restaurants often get the cred for being star magnets, but some of the more laid-back places draw in just as many celebs in the Hamptons. Bostwick’s is a seafood spot with a vibe as good as their fried clams: impeccable. After all, if an A-list chef is eating here, it has to be good. After a long day on the beach, the lobster rolls here are a must. And you can come as you are, as the casual vibe means anything goes.

Hamptons Nick and Toni's

Nick and Toni’s

The Celebs: Sting, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks

Nick and Toni’s is a favorite of celebs in the Hamptons. The Italian, Mediterranean restaurant has a classic menu of favorites that keeps A-listers coming back. Unfortunately, there’s a waitlist a mile long, and even decades later, local sources say it’s the hardest seat to book in East Hampton. But if you can get in even for brunch, it is well worth it. The intimate dining room is the perfect spot for a romantic meal where you can eat well and see some of your favorite faces IRL.


The Celebs: Billy Joel, Usher, Kelsey Grammar

While famed restaurants in the Hamptons can be hit or miss, some tried and trues will hit every time. Enter Almond, which is a French bistro that draws in celebs in the Hamptons of all ages to enjoy the creative takes on classic French dishes. Because, if you’re waiting for Usher to arrive, you better have fresh steak frites in front of you. But Almond also keeps celebs coming back with their creative takes on French dishes. They have six different kinds of fries, from kimchi Korean to gravy.


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