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Emma Stone has starred in some of our favorite movies from Easy A, to Spiderman. But these days, she’s lightening her load in Hollywood to make time for her family. She and her SNL superstar husband, Dave MCcary, welcomed their first baby girl in March. And yet, because she’s a star, she showed up on the red carpet at the Met Gala just a few months later. She paid homage to her home life, though, and wore a short, white Louis Vuitton number last seen at her wedding. Unlike Kylie’s (ballgown disaster), however, her gown was slinky and feathered. She gets points for fashion and for sustainability. And definitely for family. Here’s where she has been spending of that time off screen.

Where she extended her stay: Capri, Italy

Emma Stone is cool. Louis Vuitton understood this and cast her in an incredibly cool campaign as the face of a fragrance campaign in 2020. Though it wasn’t a true vacation, the destination is worth noting. Emma’s demure and mischievious qualities as a model augment the curiously incongruous architecture of the Casa Malaparte.

The shoot was full of drama, showcasing the unique roof which resembles a staircase, rather than a traditional Italian roof. Emma must have been inspired by the grandeur of her shoot site, and stayed for a vacation after. She and Dave set out on a yacht, presumably to avoid the tourists at high season.

It’s possible the pair slept on the water as well, but we would guess that they returned to stay at JK Place, or one of the unique boutique hotels like Punta Tragara. The former has a legacy of A-list guests as is renowned reflection of the yacht-chic opulence Capri is known for. The latter boasts an unmatched clifftop view of the Faraglioni rocks below.

Where she stay-cationed: Sonoma

There’s nothing more relaxing than a day spent frolicking around a vineyard in California. At the Kunde Family Vineyard, Emma did just that, and with a gaggle of good friends in tow. The wine makers took them around the 1,875 acre property which features dozens of different natural environments to explore. There were views and there was plenty of wine. Emma proves that you don’t need to leave the US for a good time.

Where she dined: The French Laundry

When she got hungry, she found herself at The French Laundry. Starring in movies like Easy A, where she plays an outcast high school student, it may seem as though Emma is the girl next door. But that’s just her facade. She’s an A-list celebrity, which was made evident when she was able to secure a reservation on short notice. The coveted restaurant is the three Michelin starred masterpiece from Thomas Keller, the only American born chef to boast two three Michelin starred restaurants. The food is always traditionally french, but no two nights have the same menu, as each dish is created the night before by Keller and his staff using locally sourced fresh ingredients.

Where she started rumors: Cannes

Where Emma goes, people follow. Justin Theroux followed her all the way to St-Paul De Vence for a playful vacation with some other celeb friends. The medieval town about an hour from where the film festival took place, was the perfect place to hideaway for awhile. Although, despite the town’s geographical seclusion, images from the friends trip spread far and wide. At a private villa, Emma and her costar spent time in the hot tub overlooking the ocean. Although, they were just friends it seems, as she’s now very married.

She stayed in a private home, but we would stay at Le Saint Paul Hotel. The charming Provence hotel is a five star chateaux designed to carry the stone-clad history of the town within it.

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