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Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Pedegral Mexico Villas

It’s the point of the winter season where no matter where you live, Mexico sounds like a really good idea. Yes, you can take off on your own or with your sig other, but Mexico shines brightest when you’re rolling with your entourage. So, to inspire you and your crew to get out of dodge, or if you just like looking at pretty houses, these are the homes to rent in Mexico.

James Perse Villa

The Location: East Cape of Los Cabos

Greycape is one of those homes to rent in Mexico that will make your family feel like the Kardashians. The five suite home was featured on the season 4 premier of their show. You know James Perse for his clothing, but let it be known that a designer is a designer. The walls may be the color of sand, but there is nothing boring about the ultra modern architecture and furnishings. It’s sort of like it’s the perfect backdrop for a TV show. Minimalism becomes maximalism as bedrooms with half a wall define luxury indoor-outdoor living.

The suites also come with a private butler and chef, as well as other amenities like yoga and massage, a car service, jacuzzis in the suites, and a huge pool. If you want to leave for some reason, Cabo is only 20 minutes away.

Casa Tau

The Location: Punta Mita

If you’re looking for homes to rent in Mexico that sleep the whole friend group, Casa Tau should be a top contender. The 12 bedroom estate sleeps 27 in luxurious rooms spread over 5 villas on 2 acres. Bedrooms may be compact, the casa sets you up to spend time in large communal outdoor spaces near the pool and beach. Private chefs will keep margaritas and guacamole flowing, and you won’t even notice they are there. If you get to the villa and it looks familiar, it might be because you’ve seen it on Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle. The relaxing lounge areas cater to spending hours relaxing and talking. When you get bored, you can hit up the gym, take a dip in the ocean, or take advantage of the golf club.

La Datcha

The Location: Cabo San Lucas

La Datcha is one of those homes to rent in Mexico that you should put on your bucket list. The all white buiding takes inspiration from traditional Mexican haciendas, with large, open interiors that spill out onto a beachfront lounge area. The 10 bedrooms all feature en suite bathrooms with soaking tubs. But the real draw are the picture-perfect lounge areas like the dining table which appears to float on the infinity pool. There’s also a pool and spa including one of the only ‘snow rooms’ where you can get your healing chill on amidst the heat of Mexico. And located off the Southern tip of Cabo, the location features common humpback whale sightings.


The Location: Punta Mita

Some villas become the setting for tv shows, while this home to rent in Mexico is the whole tv show itself. Featured on Amazon Prime’s Epic Villas, Palmasola has a real wow factor. A 200 sq ft pool extends across the front of the sprawling property. The main suite takes up an entire floor, and 11 dining areas provide ample space to relax. The service and amenities come unmatched, with a fire pit, massage room, gym and media room. If that isn’t enough, guests also have access to all the amenities at nearby Four Seasons. The beach offers prime surfing access and 5 beach clubs nearby.

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Q: Where should I stay if I have a big group?

A: Casa Tau

Q: Where did the Kardashian’s stay?

A: Greycape, the James Perse villa

Q: Which villa has the biggest pool?

A: Palmasola has a 200 sq ft. pool

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