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Five Solo Travel Destinations

Rohan Vasa, Writer

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You’re in a good place when you enjoy your own company. This doesn’t mean that life isn’t better with family and friends. Sometimes, you just need some time to yourself. The freedom to sleep in, eat, exercise, or do whatever you want, on your terms. These are your top solo travel getaways.

A New Viewpoint on Solo Travel

Solo travel can bring out some of the best experiences. It facilitates personal growth, gives you a new environment to explore, and also inspires adventure.

This list of places to travel alone has something for everyone. It all depends on what you are interested in gaining out of your solo travel. Maybe you want to de-stress on a beach. Or you want to be in a new city where you can mix and mingle. It could even involve traveling to the top of a mountain that has views you’ve never seen before.

Mii amo

Sedona, Arizona


Mii amo recently reopened after a renovation, though it was already in great shape before. It is a destination spa that takes advantage of Sedona’s red rock buttes, enchanting pine forests, and picturesque canyons. Its intimate and secluded nature creates a unique setting for visitors and easily makes it one of the top places for solo travel. The experience can be perfect for taking a pause on your busy life or beginning a new journey after some introspection. Mii amo’s casitas and suites feature a cozy interior fit with luxury linens and warming fireplaces. They also come with private patios to take in the beauty of the canyon.

The restaurant Hummingbird at Mii amo provides a serene atmosphere and serves healthy dining options. This goes along well with the seasonal dishes prepared with ingredients from the chef’s garden and other local purveyors. The Mii amo spa has a commitment to “slow well-being.” This means your treatments and therapies will be soothingly slow and long to provide maximum relaxation and healing.


Mii amo guests also get access to Enchantment Resort’s culinary experiences which feature award-winning dishes and chefs.

Hacienda AltaGracia

Costa Rica


Hacienda AltaGracia is in the Auberge Resorts Collection so you know it’s going to be good. The hotel showcases fifty casitas across 180 acres of natural tropical forest. These casitas have unparalleled views of the surrounding rainforest with both spacious interiors and exteriors for lounging. The property also has a coffee farm, horse stables, an organic garden, and a glistening pool.

Dining at Hacienda AltaGracia’s restaurants is all-inclusive with your stay. Each of its restaurants is inspired by the local flora and fauna. They feature sustainable ingredients and cooking techniques in a variety of styles used in the region. Surrounded by the Talamanca Mountains, the 20,000 square feet wellness center welcomes guests to experience holistic healing rituals and treatments.


Staying at Hacienda AltaGracia gives you access to horseriding, hikes to waterfalls and rivers, and surfing on the coast. You can also take part in classes and learn first-hand about the different indigenous ingredients and dishes offered here.

The Four Seasons Resort, Bali at Sayan

Bali, Indonesia


Among the top places to travel alone – especially if you want to try the Eat, Pray, Love kind of vacation – is The Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan. This is your luxury resort set against the backdrop of the Ayung River Valley. You can feel the sacred energy here in the rainforest breeze, the flowing river, and in the architecture. You can choose between staying in a suite or a villa – each has an interior of both contemporary and traditional Balinese decor. There are five dining options to choose from such as Indonesian cuisine prepared in a variety of styles. Try the grilled favorites at Riverside or the seven-course dinners at Chef’s Table at Sokasi. As for rest & relaxation, Sacred River Spa offers a unique selection of Balinese treatments while immersed in jungle greenery.


There are tons of activities for solo travelers to do at this Four Seasons. Two that should not be missed are taking a raft down Bali’s longest river, and experiencing life as a farmer with the locals.

The Edition

Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona is the perfect destination for meeting new people when you travel alone, exploring the city’s culture and nightlife. The Edition is at the center of all things. It’s a prime spot for getting to know people, or for venturing off to the city’s best museums and restaurants. Experience five-star luxury by staying in one of the 100 rooms. Each is fitted with Le Labo amenities and has stunning views of the skyline. You can also head up to the rooftop bar, one of Barcelona’s nightlife hotspots. Or venture down to Cabaret, an exclusive micro-club with rotating events and music. Bar Veraz and the Punch Room are another two happening spots right at the hotel. Besides being within walking distance of the beaches, there are tons of monuments, restaurants, and parks all around you.


Although staying at a luxury five-star hotel is great, it’s important to think about our impact on the environment. Therefore, The Edition makes a special effort to be sustainable, and green while reducing its intake of single-use plastics.

Thomson Treks



Since you are going on a solo trip, why not make it worthwhile? Sometimes, what you crave is a challenge, both physical and mental. You want the gift of knowing that you have overcome the odds to achieve success, like summiting a mountain. Getting to the top of Mt.Kilimanjaro isn’t easy, but with Thomson Treks you know you are in good hands. You’ll hike 45 miles up and down a 19,341-foot peak with guides to inspire you on your path. Their 7-day-7-night trip includes a private sixty-one square foot outfitted sleeping tent, private toilet tents, solar-lit dining tents, and daily hot water. They provide hearty gourmet meals to refuel your energy while taking nutrition and any dietary restrictions into consideration. Thomson Treks know how impactful summiting the mountain can be on an individual level. This is why they have a 98% summit rate.

It is also why Mt. Kilimanjaro is definitely a great addition to our list of top five solo travel destinations.


Reaching the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro is no joke. This trip will not only be transformative, but it’ll also be one of your most cherished memories. You’ll go back home with plenty of pictures and stories.

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