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is travel allowed to the uk during pandemic

UK Travel- Is it a Go?
June 24, 2020
By , Writer

Ok, you’re probably craving a meal at Loulou’s, for a proper London night out. After June 8th, your European summer won’t be a complete no-go, as the world starts to reopen. If you had your heart set on a summer in the city in London, there may be some details to consider. The government recently released guidelines enforcing a mandatory fourteen day quarantine for all incoming travellers. 

New guidelines state that on arrival, passengers entering by plane, train, and automobile (Uk residents included), must provide an address where they will be staying for a fourteen day self isolation period. Travellers failing to fill out the form may be fined up to 100 pounds, and those not following the rules will be fined 1,200 pounds if caught during a surprise government visit. Once settled, you will not be able to use public transportation, entertain visitors, and are supposed to rely on others for food whenever possible. 

You may be wondering how on earth this will work. Like us, critics wonder how these rules will be enforced or how far into the summer they will last. The government released a statement reassuring travellers that the plan will be reviewed every three weeks. Like us, airlines and hotels are concerned. 

So, perhaps a weekend to the city is out of the question right when you arrive, but England has that gorgeous countryside.  After July 14, we recommend you rent a car and get to Belmond in the Cotswolds. If you’re stuck somewhere for fourteen days, you’re going to want to be stuck in picturesque English gardens. Deluxe, internationally inspired suites won’t have you missing excursions. When not in doors, you can explore lush gardens reminiscent of the French countryside, and after a day spent wandering through fragrant herbs and vegetables, you’ll dine on them in one of Raymond Blanc’s Michelin-starred restaurants. As you’ll be here all summer, you’ll probably want to bring the little ones along. Belmond welcomes children with miniature bathrobes and teddy bears. 

Then there’s always the magic of Soho Farmhouse. Set across 100 acres of Oxfordshire countryside, the hotel features a boathouse for fun on the water. They even have a gym with scheduled classes to keep you on that healthy routine. Maybe you and the girls want to get away. The Farm House, set in it’s own private garden, sleeps fourteen so you can quarantine in luxury together. With a cinema and places to hang, you won’t get bored- not even your tastebuds. The Farmhouse will satisfy that craving for a classic Sunday Roast, that the Brits are so known for.  

So the nutshell is that summer in the UK is not canceled; you just have to be willing to play by their new rules.