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The Third Aman Destination in Japan

Aman Kyoto Opening in November 2019
May 15, 2019
By , Associate Editor

With the addition of the Aman Kyoto to the Aman portfolio, Japan has reached an ultimate Aman trifecta. Following the Aman Tokyo (which opened late 2014) and Amanemu (2016), now opening on November 1, 2019 is the third Aman property in Japan: Aman Kyoto.

Hidden in a once-forsaken Japanese garden, right by the world-famous Zen Buddhist Kinkaku-ji Temple, the 24-room resort is designed with the motifs of ancient Japanese traditional inns (ryokan) and local hot springs (onsen). Spread over eighty acres (seventy-two acres of forest, and eight acres of gardens), the resort was designed by Kerry Hill Architects, who also designed the other two Aman resorts in Japan. Aman Kyoto contains in itself a series of luxury pavilions: one for arrival, one for living, one for dining, a spa pavilion, four guest pavilions, and two separate pavilions which contain two luxury villas. Each room is about view, with floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as a traditional Japanese ofuro bathtub made of hinoki cypress wood.

The two restaurants in the dining pavilion, Arva and Nama, epitomize in them the gastronomical refinement of the local Japanese restaurant scene. Nama (the Japanese word for “raw”) captures the quintessential Japanese sushi and sashimi heritage, while Arva (“cultivated land” in Latin) pays homage to traditional Italian culinary traditions. Guests will also have the opportunity to enjoy obanzai-style cuisine throughout the day, as well as an afternoon tea in the resort gardens, served on the bamboo picnic hampers.

But no Aman resort is fully equipped without an Aman Spa. Aman Kyoto is no different: drawing on the local natural spring waters of Kyoto, the spa offers treatments that incorporate in them remedies of green tea, black beans (Tanba kuromame), sake, and camellia oil (tsubaki).


Although seventeen of Kyoto’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites are at arm’s length from the resort, Aman Kyoto could not feel more secluded. Surrounded by nature from every side, it’s easy to forget that the resort is not only located at the foot of the world-famous Mountain of Hidari Daimonji on the Northern side, but is also in walking distance from the charming ancient imperial capital of Japan.

Although Japan is a destination well-worth visiting, now there are at least three more reasons to visit, and they’re all Aman.