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Private Island Adventure in Panama

Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge
December 12, 2018
By , Contributor

Were you the kind of kid who loved to explore, who dreamed of discovering new places, and who looked out on vast ocean waters seeing nothing but opportunity? The kind of kid who re-watched Indiana Jones a hundred times, because he represented the wandering adventure that you always craved? But then, the more you traveled, the less exciting some destinations became. Places filled with tourist traps and market vendors trying to sell you and a million others something at every turn. It’s predictable: no excitement or fun. No adventure.

So why not escape the winter and try something truly different this upcoming January?

Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge is about as exclusive as it gets when it comes to island travel. Only twenty miles off the coast of Panama lies a private island reserve that is secluded, sustainable, and just waiting to inspire your adventurous side. The archipelago consists of fourteen islands that you can explore with your personal concierge, but they only welcome eighteen guests at a time. That’s literally 1.3 guests per island on any given night, so goodbye crowds.

But be warned: this is definitely a nature lover’s paradise. They offer scuba diving, snorkeling, and crazy marine excursions (how close have you ever actually been to a Humpback whale?), as well as breathtaking hikes with over fifty different species of birds. You can choose from one of four ‘casitas,’ which were designed by Tom Scheerer to give you the most luxurious stay imaginable without losing any of the island’s authenticity. And at the end of a long island-hopping day, you can head to the Hemmingway-style lounge for a nightcap (though I suggest avoiding Hemmingway’s own creation, Death in the Afternoon, unless you want a rough next morning).


But one of the best parts of Islas Secas is that it wasn’t just made to please nature lovers, but also to love the nature itself. In other words, this place is sustainable. 100% of the island is solar powered, composting organic materials (including water recycling for irrigation) to reduce the resort’s environmental footprint. This is exactly what the finance titan conservation philanthropist, had in mind when envisioning Islas Secas Reserve & Lodge: giving nature lovers the experience of a lifetime without destroying the very thing they came for.  

Look, if you’re not a nature lover, this place probably isn’t for you. But if you dream of discovering deep blue seas, encountering animal life like you’ve never seen, and doing it all from the seclusion of your own island, then it’s time to break out the fedora and get ready to spoil your inner kid.