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The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, Bahamas Opens

Four Seasons Arrives In The Bahamas
October 31, 2018
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief
What do you get when you take one of the most beautiful hotels in the Bahamas and you entrust it to one of the leading powerhouses in luxury resorts? You get nothing less than paradise on earth. The Four Seasons achieved just that last November when they took over The Ocean Club, a well-established vacation hot spot for celebrities and “in the know” travelers situated on Paradise Island (and trust us… the name fits). 
This union takes the best of both worlds: The Ocean Club’s gorgeous scenery stretching over a 5-mile white-sandy beach and the Four Season’s uncanny knack for allowing their guests to spoil themselves. Every room is tastefully designed to give you the rest and relaxation you deserve but the real treat here is the landscape. At times, you may wonder whether you’re actually in the Bahamas or if your flight took a wrong turn and dropped you off in France because the gardens have been expertly cultivated to bring back memories of your last trip to Versailles. But whether you’re casually strolling through the gardens, keeping your tennis game sharp, or getting a quick round of golf in before champagne and strawberries at sunset (yes... that’s a normal part of the day there), the cool breeze and the ocean views will remind you that you are still in the Bahamas.
The food, too, will leave you pleasantly surprised as chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten combines French-Asian cuisine with the rich Bahamian spices to toy with your taste buds. And this is just one of your dining options as you have five unique restaurants and lounges to choose from (I suggest grabbing an original creation from one of their master mixologists at the Martini Bar and Lounge). After your meal you can always head down for a spa treatment and indulge yourself in a Coconut Poultrice Massage, a rejuvenating facial therapy, or even get your hair and nails done at their top-notch salon. And no, this
isn’t just for women… men can get a treatment that takes their unique skin-care needs into consideration as well.
The best part of this resort, though, is that it’s incredibly versatile and makes for a perfect getaway with the whole family (there are tons of activities for kids) or that romantic weekend trip that you’ve been daydreaming about for months. So if you really want a taste of paradise, head over to The (new) Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort.