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Noma Tokyo

Noma Goes on the Road
October 22, 2014
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief

Well, this is certainly a road trip of transcontinental, epic proportions.  The acclaimed best restaurant in the world, Noma, will be closing its home base in Copenhagen this January for three months, to spend half of that time serving up their mind-blowing cuisine at the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo.   As perfectionists do, they are taking every single team member, from dishwasher to Executive Chef Rene Redzepi himself, from January 8th until February 14th to the world capital of Michelin-starred restaurants.  Don’t expect the same old Copenhagen Noma though, as they are leaving their local ingredients at home and will be drawing upon the local inspiration in Japan.  What that means, in culinary terms, is a foodie, once in a lifetime experience.    

The cost of culinary perfection?   About 64,000 Yen, which at today’s rate is in the neighborhood of $600.  As you can imagine, they’re pretty much sold out for what is a relatively decent deal for a Michelin-starred experience. But there’s a little secret to gaming the system.  The private dining room will be offering a similar menu prepared by the Noma team, if you can meet the minimum 618,000 Yen spend.  So get your friends, your family, your colleagues (even better as a business dinner) and board your flight to Tokyo.  The Danish have landed.