• Tuesday, October 27, 2020

new york global entry renewal

New Yorkers and Global Entry - The Latest and Greatest
July 29, 2020
By , Founder

Is your Global Entry expiring soon? Are you starting to sweat just thinking about long lines upon reentry from abroad? No need. This piece of news is hot off the presses.  A gift from the heavens, New Yorkers are again allowed to apply for the Trusted Traveler Programs of Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check.  If you missed it, back in February the Department of Homeland Security blacklisted New Yorkers from applying for and renewing their Global Entry because of a dispute over New York issuing drivers licenses to undocumented workers.  But like the pandemic, things are going New York’s way again, and re-up for the Trusted Traveler benefits.  We suggest you renew as soon as possible or apply if you don’t have Global Entry, as you never know when plans will change again.  

To hedge your bet, we also suggest you apply for Mobile Passport by Airside, which has kiosks that also let you forgo the immigration lines when coming back into the country.  It’s not just immigration though; its technology makes opening a bank account, providing information for a new job and a whole host of other conveniences outside of travel.  Lookout for our upcoming article on the technology you never knew you needed.