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New Restaurant Opening At Claridge's

Claridge's Newest Addition: The Best Restaurant Since 1812
April 18, 2019
By , Contributor

When choosing hotels in London, let’s be honest: you’ve got options. Many options. And adding #5StarLuxury to the filter doesn’t really help narrow your choices. But there’s one luxury hotel that stands apart from rest. It has over two centuries of history, has hosted the likes of Winston Churchill, Princess Diana, Katherine Hepburn, and was even the birthplace to a Yugoslavian prince. But what do you get when you combine London’s most iconic hotel with one of the world’s best restaurant groups?

Claridge’s has remained one of England’s most iconic hotels since it opened in 1854—though technically its roots go back to 1812. Oftentimes, many historic hotels end up becoming somewhat austere – Claridge’s falls anywhere but that category. Over the years, they’ve made some fashionable updates to keep up with the times. Their suites are elegant: tailored to a romantic getaway for two, or a week away with entire family.

But the real exciting change is their most recent addition. The guys from “Make It Nice” (chef Daniel Humm and restaurateur Will Guidara—not that they needed any introduction) will be opening Claridge’s newest restaurant this summer. And while their culinary innovation has won them worldwide fame, Humm and Guidara are honored to be working with Claridge’s. As Humm said, “Having the opportunity to bring our cuisine and hospitality to the most storied hotel in the world is really a remarkable feeling and a dream come true.” Humm is actually returning full circle in his culinary career: though it isn’t widely known, he actually worked at Claridge’s when he was 15 years old.


And what can we expect from the menu? As of now, patrons will just have to wait and see as the menu hasn’t been released yet. That said, with Humm and Guidara at the wheel, it’s a safe bet that you’re in for an exquisite and decadent evening. Thanks to Claridge’s upcoming addition, we’ve all got one more reason to look forward to summer.

No matter how many hotels there are in London, there’s only one Claridge’s.