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The Hottest Destination, the Newest Hotels - The Six Senses Singapore has Arrived
January 24, 2019
By , Contributor

You know a hotel is going to be special, when it opens up in its home headquarters. In this case, it's so special, that the Six Senses decided to open up two. With the arrival of the 138-room Six Senses Maxwell and the boutique Six Senses Duxton, the historical Chinatown in Singapore is officially the most chic and trendy place to be. From a bigger picture perspective, these hotels bring a new life into the Singapore hotel scene which has been dominated largely by relatively standard corporate hotels that haven't quite caught on to the modern, luxury traveler yet. In other words, with the arrival of the Six Senses, it's officially game on.  

While it's an urban endeavor that is outside of the island resorts in the current Six Senses portfolio, expect to have the same focus on wellness and health. Duxton, which is the more intimate property, has a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor on staff, who has been practicing in the neighborhood for over 40 years. He's so legit, that he comes with a translator, and will prescribe you a remedy of herbal medications that get you back in top form.  

At Duxton, designer Anouska Hempel spreads her signature style throughout the hotel, creating a dark, sexy vibe. If her name sounds familiar, it’s probably because she used to be a Bond girl. Duxton is exactly where you would order your martini, shaken or stirred. But you shouldn't ever drink on an empty stomach, and at Yellow Pot, which is the Duxton's healthy rendition on Asian cuisine, you won't have to. We normally try to get out in the world instead of eating where we stay, but in this case, it's hands down the best Asian food in the city. Skip the bibs and messy Singaporean crab elswhere; Yellow Pot's version is out of the shell, and instead of fried buns, their version is steamed without compromising the flavor.  

At Maxwell, the production is just grand scale. Hotels are a center of social life in Asia for the locals, and Maxwell modernizes the vibe, amping up the energy and the cool quotient. Feeling like a champagne kind of night? They’ve got you covered. Looking for a robust evening kicked off with a double whiskey on the rocks? They have the best whiskey bar in the city.  But of course, they still have the world-famous signature Six Senses spa and wellness center. Maxwell is truly a place where you can choose your vice or indulge your virtue.