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Luxury Historic Hotel in London

Belmond Cadogan Hotel
February 22, 2019
By , Contributor

Sometimes it can be hard to find a spot that checks all our travel boxes. Luxury, culture, art, history, and fine dining. London is one of those rare cities that just seems to have it all. And now with the Belmond Cadogan Hotel, it really does have it all. No box is left unchecked.

Over the last three years, this renowned property has undergone some major renovations to the tune of about $48 million—not a bad debut for Belmond’s first location in London. And it’s worth every penny. Belmond will be taking over the Cadogan Hotel, which is situated in a unique part of town. Actually, it’s situated in two parts of town: the stylish Knightsbridge and the artistic Chelsea. If you’re familiar with London, then you know that these English quartiers are the place to be—and Belmond’s stylish upgrades to the Cadogan fit right in.

This 54-room hotel doesn’t shy away from giving you the best of British luxury – and it can provide a much-needed escape for those rainy days. In other words, when that foggy London town has lost its charm, a warm fireplace invites you to take a break with your favorite cocktail. Plus, the gourmet restaurant is taking a bold approach to British cuisine. It isn’t aiming for tourists. Chef Adam Handling envisions an authentic hotspot for Chelsea locals, which guests will get to experience first-hand. In London’s culinary world, Adam Handling is the name to watch out for. And when the sun pops back through the clouds, the Cadogan Gardens will tempt you to take a stroll back through British history. They’ve remained, for the most part, intact since their creation in 1886. The only changes include some aptly-placed placed trees to create more seclusion, beauty, and wonder—so, a welcome addition.


And if there’s something about the Cadogan Hotel that sounds familiar but you just can’t put your finger on it, don’t worry, you’re not crazy. You’re probably just thinking back to one of your Lit-101 courses on Oscar Wilde. The Cadogan didn’t need to be placed on any map, but Wilde’s scandalous arrest while staying there in 1895 didn’t hurt. And if you need a refresher on what made Oscar so Wilde, you can read many of his works while relaxing in the Cadogan’s upscale library. There’s hardly a better way to pass a cloudy Sunday afternoon.

Like we said, no box is left unchecked.