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Faberge Egg Hunt

The Big NYC Egg Hunt
April 14, 2014
By , Managing Editor & Contributor

Martha Stewart, Jacques Torres and Pure Evil. This will probably be the only time you’ll see a lifestyle queen, a chocolatier and a London graffiti artist in the same sentence, but that’s the power of charity – it brings everyone together. They all designed eggs for the The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt – along with other artists, authors, architects and rockers – which is raising money for Studio in a School and the conservation organization Elephant Family.

The Big Egg Hunt has laid more than 250 giant eggs across New York, from Bryant Park to the Brooklyn Bridge. To join in: Download the mobile app, “collect” the eggs and you’re then entered into a sweepstakes to win the real thing – a jewel-encrusted Fabergé egg. The hunt lasts until April 18, when all the eggs are moved to Rockefeller Center through April 25.

Among the creative eggs are Ralph Lauren’s jolly cowboy topped with a ten-gallon hat as he “sets off to make friends in New York City.” And, which came first – the chicken or the egg? In humorist Sandra Boynton’s sculpture, the two are playfully fused, with a perplexed chicken balanced on a massive white egg. 

On the Hunt at Hotels
Big eggs need big nests. Many New York City hotels are housing the eggs, including the Gansevoort Meatpacking, which features architect David Ling’s “Cracked Egg,” a white orb that’s artfully cracked to reveal a glowing yolk in the center. Artist Mattia Bonetti’s egg mirrors The Mark Hotel’s distinctive black-and-white interior. At Hotel Plaza Athénée, the egg is ringed by a dancing Babar the Elephant, by Babar author Laurent de Brunhoff.

But perhaps the egg that best exemplifies its hotel is the Chinese graphic designer Minyan Huang’s egg at the Trump New York. The 28-inch egg is covered in carefully folded dollar bills. The name? “Nest Egg.”

(Photos courtesy of The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt)