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Brazil World Cup 2014 Travel Tips

Jetting to the World Cup
June 4, 2014
By , Managing Editor & Writer

When Magellan circumnavigated the globe, it took him three years. On a Magellan jet, it’ll take three days. In the comfort of calfskin seats, with a tumbler of whiskey at your elbow. And this month, Magellan is offering a deal where the destination rivals the journey: the World Cup in Brazil (June 12–July 13). The Magellan/In the Know Experiences World Cup 2014 whisks you on a private jet to Brazil, and includes hotel accommodation, ground transport, World Cup tickets and souvenirs and a local cell phone with prepaid minutes. Book now – spaces are being snapped up.

But the bigger challenge, it turns out, isn’t getting to Brazil – but where to park the jet once you arrive. As the Wall Street Journal recently reported, “The world's wealthy have a World Cup parking problem,” adding that “authorities are scrambling to find runways and hangars to accommodate the thousands of private jets expected to fly in for the monthlong tournament.” The numbers bear this out: Of the 2 million World Cup visitors, over 11 percent will be arriving on private aircraft, considerably more than did so in South Africa four years ago. There’s good reason for this: Brazil is huge – roughly the size of the continental U.S. – so many high-flyers will also be using the jet to hop between matches, from Rio to Recife to Manaus. Of course, there are other advantages to having private wings at your disposal. Brazil’s size translates into many different weather zones. For the best summer weather, hop over to northeast Ceará, which is lined with the country’s famous beachfront where, as we all know, the fashion philosophy is “less is more.” Soccer in the morning and sunning in the afternoon? As they say in Brazil, goooooal!

(Photo courtesy of Magellan and In the Know Experiences)