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Adare Castle for Sale

The Ultimate Souvenir - An Irish Castle
September 17, 2014
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief

Forget the Irish wool sweater, the handmade lace or that kitschy T-shirt from the Guinness brewery tour. The ultimate souvenir from Ireland? That would be an Irish castle, of course. Though if we’re splitting hairs, the Adare is actually a manor home, originally owned by the Earl of Dunraven, and passed onto five generations who subsequently inherited the family title, and along with it, the lavish pad. Set on 766 acres – yes, you read that correctly – the estate includes 62 bedrooms, 75 fireplaces (to keep away the chill), a grand room inspired by Versailles, a championship golf course and a cellar bar called The Tack Room, where the likes of Paul McCartney have been known to lead sing-alongs on the piano. All this can be yours (aging rock stars not included) for the bargain price of about $33 million. As for the chance to be the king of your own castle?  Priceless. 

Because we’re Galavante, and there are a number of hitters out there who may seriously be interested in acquiring your own fiefdom, here are the deets to make a deal:

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