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Bloomberg Pursuits Steps into Travel
June 2, 2016
By , Founder

When the going gets tough, the tough go travel.  It must be so, in these irrational markets, as Bloomberg Pursuits has launched their first dedicated travel issue.  To mark the occasion, Emma Rosenblum, their Editorial Director, makes it official in her Editor’s Note.   "Here’s the first and last time a Bloomberg employee will ever write these words: Log off your Terminal. For a weekend. For a week. For as much time as it takes to get on a plane, go away, and have an adventure that leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated and maybe a little bit tan.” We don’t know about you, but driving a Lamborghini in Monaco, eating at a remote Michelin-starred restaurant in the French countryside and going to the ends of the earth at the architectural feat that is Fogo Island, which are covered in their travel issue, sound like good strategies to us.  It’s been an interesting year in finance, to say the least, when even the big dogs are showing double digit losses.  But let us give you a tip:  the markets will still be irrational when you return from your sojourn.  So make it count.