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Matt Lux, Urbandaddy

Matt Lux, Finance & Media
March 5, 2014

Why he's our Tastemaker:  Essentially, Matt is a superhero.  Lawyer by day at an investment firm, original Co-Founder of Urbandaddy and current Galavante Board member, Matt is our resident purveryor of good taste and wicked clever editorial.  That, and he rocks a pocket square like no one's business.  Matt's approach to travel is to return to his favorite places frequently and take the time to really know a destination.  He is an expert in Italy and New Zealand (his gorgeous wife's home country) where there's never been a bottle of Brunello or Kiwi Pinot he couldn't handle.  

Countries Visited: 15

Business and Leisure Trips Annually: 10+

Favorite Places: Italy, New Zealand and the Cook Islands

Travel Philosophy: Find someplace beautiful and stay there

My Ideal Vacation: A good view, great friends and strong drinks.

Travel Tip: Whenever possible, take the amount of time your trip really requires. Not every trip should be compressed into a week.