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Campbell Bethwaite

Campbell Bethwaite, Entrepreneur
March 2, 2014

Why he's our Tastemaker:  Galavante Founders Sharmila and Isabel have known Campbell since their Wharton days, when Campbell was fresh off the Australian Olympic sailing team.  After several years in investment banking in New York, Campbell picked up and moved to Moscow, where he is a Hospitality Entrepreneur, aka owner of Garage, one of the hottest clubs in Moscow, and owner of serviced apartments, comparable to Airbnb.  Founder Christine has been lucky enough to make it past "face patrol" to spend time with Campbell in his adopted home city.  

Countries Visited:  120+

Business and Leisure Trips Annually:  20+
Favorite Places:  Mediterranean countries, Iran and Whistler
Travel Philosophy:  Take every opportunity to go someplace new and find the best in cuisine, culture and nightlife that it has to offer.
My Ideal Vacation: Anywhere with a best friend alongside, where you can explore what makes a destination unique. 
Travel Tip:  Always keep your smartphone packed with music, navigation software, travel apps like booking.com as well as a car connector cable, for those times where you find yourself somplace you didn't p lan to be.