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Annie Lee Wedding Planner

Annie Lee, Founder Daughter of Design
February 1, 2016

Annie Lee, Destination Wedding and Event Planner

Why she is a tastemaker: 

Annie is Galavante's go-to tastemaker when it comes to throwing a destination event. She is the Principal Planner and owner of Daughter of Design, which is ranked as one of the top wedding planners by The Knot and Martha Stewart Weddings. It is literally Annie's business to know the best spots on Earth for both events and honeymoons. Year round she travels domestically and internationally, voraciously researching picturesque locations for big and small celebrations alike. Annie's travel objectives though are unlike other globetrotters looking to simply relax or seek adventure. She is always keeping her eyes peeled for the secret key ingredients that makes a destination a desirable and feasible place to gather friends and family. Annie is discerning, globally connected, and simply put, a lady traveler in the know. Annie has recently planned weddings in Lake Como, St. Barth, Bali, and Napa to name a few destinations.

Countries Visited:  35+

Business and Leisure Trips Annually:  25+

Favorite Places:  London, New York, Hawaii, Ischia

Travel Philosophy:  I enjoy a place so much more when I know at least a few people who are residents in that city. Going out with locals is so much better than just getting a recommendation from one. I like having a network wherever I go. It makes everywhere feel a little more like home while you're there. 

My Ideal Vacation: I've always regretted not doing a study abroad program while in school. So for the rest of my life I'll be on this constant quest to make believe I live in different cities. I try to stay at a home rather than a hotel, shop at the local grocery store, drop off laundry,...I get a kick out of these mundane errands that make me feel like I'm living every day life in (fill in the city name). I'm less interested in going to museums and other tourist attractions but prefer to experience the current culture of the city's inhabitants. I'm a bit of an anthropologist you could say.   

Travel Tip:  I fill contact cases with the small amounts of lotions, serums, etc. I'll need on a trip so I can reduce the amount of cosmetic bottles I have to pack. More room for shoes this way.