• Thursday, September 19, 2019

AnneLise Sorensen

Favorite Destination

Three favorite cities? Barcelona, New York, and San Francisco, though not necessarily in that order.

Most Exotic Destination Traveled

I’ve sipped yak butter tea in the Himalayas; embarked on thigh-aching slogs up Maya pyramids; and slept in a bamboo longhouse with the headhunters of Borneo. But probably most important: After spending many summers in the vineyards of Spain, I’ve mastered how to uncork a bottle of Rioja wine in about five seconds.

Travel Philosophy

As you discover new cultures, you discover yourself. 

AnneLise has penned (and wine-tasted) her way across four continents, from Barcelona to Belize City and Calcutta to Copenhagen. She has written and reported for over 30 national magazines, newspapers, websites, and TV/radio, including New York Magazine, Conde Nast Traveller, Gourmet, Time Out, The Daily, HotelChatter, MSNBC, Jetsetter, Fodor’s, and Rough Guides. 

She hosts weekly TV travel segments, and has appeared as a travel expert on NBC, CNN, MTV Networks, Forbes, Real Simple, Budget Travel, ABC Radio, and the UK Guardian. AnneLise is the author of Top Ten Barcelona; and co-author of books to Belize, Spain, Scandinavia, Canada, New York, and California. She was also the Lead Editor and Writer on Make the Most of Your Time on Earth: 1000 Ultimate Travel Experiences. 

AnneLise has worked extensively as a Senior and Managing Editor, including at Penguin Publishing and MSN (Microsoft Network). She’s also a Travel Consultant, with a focus on business development and guiding the launch of successful travel websites. AnneLise teaches a popular eight-week Travel and Food Journalism course at MediaBistro. 

You could say that AnneLise has travel in her blood: Her mother is from Catalunya in Spain, and her father from Denmark. She was born in Germany, and spent her youth in Europe, Egypt, Southeast Asia, and the U.S. She graduated from UC Berkeley. These days, she’s based in New York City, the one metropolis that satisfies her wanderlust – and cravings for steak frites at 3am. For more: www.annelisesorensen.com