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Foodie Gift Guide

Buyer’s Rejoice: Rare Italian Fare at the Holiday Market at Eataly Flatiron
December 23, 2018
By , Food Writer

Eataly Flatiron’s Scuola has been transformed into an alcove of carefully curated Italian specialties for the discerning foodie Italiano. The bustle of the main store is exciting, but if you’re looking for an elevated gift put together by the trusted Eataly chefs and specialists, head to the market. It’s open until December 30th, so it’s the perfect place to pick up something to bring to those relaxing post-Christmas cocktail parties. Here are our two top choices:

If you only buy one Panettone:

The main attraction are the panettones, a Milanese specialty sweet loaf that’s traditionally eaten during the holiday season. It takes days to proof panettone dough alone, and only the most original flavors from the top Italian producers were chosen for the market. The jewel has to be Antica Bronte Dolceria’s dark chocolate pistachio panettone. Pistachios are to Bronte in Sicily what champagne grapes are to France: their emerald green color and strong flavor is coveted by pastry chefs all over the world.

Top Gift Box:

The holiday gift boxes are the gourmet gift that dazzles (arranged by region or by theme).

If you’re looking to really impress, go for decadence with the Truffle Revelation box, packed with selections of shaved sweet truffles, white truffle sauce, black truffle chocolate, and just about everything else truffle-related that you could imagine. Another great alternative is the Piemonte box, which includes specialties like dark chocolate and handmade Tajarin Otto File pasta from its namesake city at the foot of the Italian Alps.

As an ever-constant traveler, you know a thing or two about Italian cuisine. These gifts are a bite by bite trip to Italy in exquisite packaging—sure to live up to your reputation.