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Our Favorite Hotels: Eden Rock in St. Barths
August 25, 2016

Why we love it:  First off, it’s in St. Barths.  If you look up the definition of idyllic, you'll find this famed isle.  Secondly, they have a villa appropriately named Rockstar, where the top of the celebrity food chain has stayed in the 18 karat gold, top to bottom tiled bathrooms with tubs big enough to fit at least 4 mere mortals, or 8 supermodels, which we’re sure they have at one point or another.  And now that Pippa is marrying into the family behind Eden Rock, your chances of a Prince George and Mr. and Mrs. Wales (aka William and Kate) sighting have significantly increased. 

Celebrities aside, the service, accommodations and food at the hotel are impeccable.  With Jean-Georges as the resident chef, his signature burger and crispy rice sushi just cannot be beat. 

What to know:  When we’re not resting our heads at Rockstar or Villa Nina, which is right on the beach with its own private pool and has one of the best art collections in all of Eden Rock, we love the Beach House rooms, which are clean, modern and chic.  The sizing isn’t huge, but each suite is deeply comfortable with your own outdoor space.  If you’re looking for the unique, the rooms in the original hotel cut into the rocks are right up your alley.  Our favorite is the deco-inspired Garbo Suite, named after Greta, who of course slept there.