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Bottle Rock Music Festival

Music + Wine = BottleRock
May 13, 2014
By , Executive Editor

Take a good California Pinot. Add a rock band (or sixty). Much like Victoria and David Beckham, wine and music make a pretty unbeatable combo. We rarely cover the music festival circuit – we love Outkast as much as the next guy, but the thought of mingling in mud with sweaty teens in faux Navajo-themed gear lost its appeal once we discovered thousands of other ways we’d rather spend 72 hours. We thought we were over it. Then we discovered BottleRock Napa Valley music festival.

It doesn’t take much to lure us to Napa Valley in the first place, but this is a unique wine country experience that’s well worth your while. The oenological nature of the event draws a slightly more grown-up crowd (though worry not – there’s still plenty of hell-raising to be done). To ensure the creature comforts of an adult-appropriate experience, grab a VIP ticket. Or go big with a platinum pass, which assures you a meet-and-greet backstage with the bands, access to rare Napa Valley wines (curated by a Master Sommelier, of course) and catering from the area’s best chefs. Which is a combination we can really get behind.