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The Best of Online Workouts
May 20, 2020
By , Founder

You’re settling into this temporary reality, and while you may have been giving yourself a pass up to this point, now is the time to get back to the gym (virtually). Or, if you have been exercising but have exhausted your online classes, we’re here to inspire with a whole new set of workouts to mix it up and keep it interesting.  We have the best online workouts for you today.  It's not just about physical health; we all need the emotional wellness at this time too.  

Melissa Wood Health

Why we like it: We are totally obsessed with her Instagram account, as Melissa combines a picture-perfect family life in the Hamptons with keeping it real on challenges in life and motherhood. Also, if we can look half as good as her by doing these routines, we’re totally game. Her sessions run anywhere from 14 to 41 minutes, so they’re doable and can be squeezed in during the day, even between work meetings.  

The Details: $9.99/month, $99.99/year


Tracy Anderson

Why we like it: The music, the routines, the pace and the results. We totally get now why Tracy Anderson’s studios are like cults in the Hamptons. Even if you can’t dance, you can do some Tracy. The routines are accessible for all and a whole lot of fun. The workouts range from low-impact cardio dance routines to weight training classes that are meant to complement a well-balanced routine. There are live classes via Zoom and on-demand workouts via TA Online Studio.

The Details: $90/month for TA Online Studio access, $25/live class via Zoom


Why we like it: There are times you just need to work up a real sweat, and Shadowbox does that. Their instructors bring it with enthusiasm and great music, along with a positive outlook online. We especially love us some Noah Feinberg, who is one of the best in a field of excellent instructors. We may be seeing abs for the first time in two decades thanks to these workouts.

The Details: $12 for a package of 3 live online classes


Exhale On Demand

Why we like it: This is just a classic, as Exhale was one of the first to introduce the Lotte Berk method to the high-end modern exercise market. They have one of the most comprehensive online libraries of workouts, from classic barre with founders Fred and Elisabeth, to the newer cardio classes for sweating it out.

The Details: $19.99/month, $199.99/year