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RedFarm: Pac-Man Dumplings & Cocktails
October 23, 2013
By , NYC Contributor

They may be video game-inspired, but RedFarm's Pac Man Dumplings aren’t playing around when it comes to taste. The multicolored lobster and shrimp dumplings, which come four to a plate, are legit, save their precious sesame-eyed presentation. Another highlight is Katz’s Pastrami Egg Roll, which brings our favorite food from our favorite Lower East Side deli westward, and now upward, with the opening of RedFarm UWS. Much like Katz’s itself, a few orders of these crispy creations will have you rolling out the door – in the best possible way.

RedFarm is a great to-go go-to, but if you’re able to stay a while, by all means, do. It shares no similarities to its stereotypical UWS Chinese counterparts. Perfect example: In lieu of cholesterol-packed chow fun, you get Lobster Long Life Noodles. Note that the new locale is a bit of a mob scene at the moment, so we advise you to corral your complete party before attempting to be seated. It’s all part of the game.

RedFarm, 2170 Broadway, Upper West Side, 212-724-9700, redfarmnyc.com

(Photos courtesy of RedFarm)