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NY Wine & Food Festival – Todd English & Josh Capon

A New York Minute with Todd English & Josh Capon
October 20, 2013
By , NYC Contributor

During the recent New York City Wine & Food Festival, Chefs Todd English and Josh Capon hosted a spin class at Flywheel Flatiron, to benefit the Food Bank for New York City. With so many delicious options during the festival, it was no surprise that English joked to Capon, “You’re sweating off the burgers from last night, right?”

Galavante chatted for a New York Minute with the two charismatic cooks.

Galavante: Where were you eating burgers last night?

Josh Capon: The only place to eat burgers is Burger and Barrell and Lure Fishbar! It was the annual Burger Bash last night. About 40 people were representing. It’s one of the best events at the festival.

Todd English: It is one of the best events. I judged it last year. I swore to never do that again. I put on like 30 pounds in burgers.

Josh Capon: You don’t want to have to taste 35 burgers, because after about eight, you’re like, “Get me out of here.”

Todd English: You want to run for the hills.

Josh Capon: But it’s a party!

Galavante: What’s your favorite thing about the New York City Wine & Food Festival?

Josh Capon: The people that work there, all the chefs coming together – there’s no hospitality business like the restaurant hospitality business, because that’s what we do: We love to take care of everybody. It’s nice that people come out and show their appreciation for what we do.

Todd English: We’re nurturing by nature, so that’s why we do it. We love to make people happy; we love to feed them. We love a jovial crowd to eat, drink, and be merry.

Galavante: What New York restaurants are you loving these days, aside from your own?

Josh Capon: The Food Hall at The Plaza Hotel, which happens to be my friend Todd English’s. I go there every week after the park with my kids, at the zoo. He really did a great job. I’m not just saying that.

Todd English: Lure [Fishbar]’s a great spot, too, for many reasons. I’m there all the time for the tequila and the sushi, and the chef is not a bad guy.

Galavante: What are your favorite things to do in New York, when you’re not eating?

Todd English: Besides eat and drink? Flywheel. I like to go for runs on the West Side – that’s fun. I love the parks. Galleries on the West Side: I like those to see what’s happening.

Josh Capon: Central Park is still a hidden gem. I go rock-climbing with my kids, which my dad used to take me to do. It’s tough when you’re in the city every day – you’ve got to get out there a little bit. Get some green under your feet, have the trees above your head. Downtown is always fun. Spend a day in Central Park and then go hit the Food Hall at the Plaza Hotel. Even though we’re not tourists, it’s still one of the nicest places in the city.

(Photo courtesy of BFA NYC/Angela Pham)