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Best NYC Flower Shops

Love is in Bloom
February 4, 2014

The right bouquet of flowers usually guarantees a successful Valentine’s Day – and night. From elegant orchids to sexy red roses, we’ve rounded up the best florists in NYC.

Ovando, West Village & Upper East Side

The scoop: Modern, sexy, artistic arrangements which creatively utilize orchids and can even make roses exotic. You thought peonies were out of season? Think again. Ovando will acquire a secret stash as well as other rare blooms for that statement bouquet. 

Good for: The person who has it all – who shops at Harry Winston, vacations in St. Barth’s on their friend’s boat and is a regular at the UES Cipriani. 

Just for Valentine’s Day: Roses are anything but plain when they come from Ovando, and their orchid arrangements resemble something Alber Elbaz might create if Lanvin ever went into flowers. 

Range: $100 and up, but expect to drop at least $150 for something substantial and special.

Flowers of the World, Midtown

The scoop: Arrangements that go beyond classic, but can still be enjoyed by a variety of tastes. They’re known to blend a variety of flowers, and favorite arrangements focus on a color like yellow or bold orange. 

Good for: A person with a high taste level who appreciates simple yet slightly unique. If Flowers of the World were a designer, it would be Carolina Herrera – fresh, young at heart, but always elegant. 

Just for Valentines Day: Bold calla lilies in rich colors, bright peonies and suitcases filled with roses. 

Range: $85 will get you a lovely arrangement.

Jerome Florists, Upper East Side

The scoop: Old-school, high-quality flower arrangements. This is the go-to florist of the Upper East Side. 

Good for: The classic Upper East Side beauty. Think a Ralph Lauren level of simple, timeless elegance.  

For Valentine’s Day: Long-stem roses, of course. 

Range: $75 and up is the cost of saying “I love you.”

Blooming Affairs, Union Square

The scoop: High-quality orchids potted in a sleek white square ceramic base. Their orchids last forever, and are known to have at least one second coming of blooms. 

Good for: The person with impeccable yet practical taste. This is a florist you can use long after Valentine’s Day to manage your weekly flowers at home without breaking the bank. 

For Valentine’s Day:Roses, of course. They’re also known to get their hands on exotic and out-of-season flowers – for a cost. 

Range: Average about $80–100, so you can splurge on your wife, your mistress, your assistant and your mom. Orchids are around $90 per stem.

Rosa Rosa, Upper East Side

The scoop: Long-lasting roses and orchids for the Upper East Side crowd. This is an everyday florist and the quality far exceeds the price. 

Good for: That special someone who appreciates pretty, thoughtful little things. 

For Valentine’s Day: Stick with what they’re good at – double- and triple-stemmed orchids that will be with you far after the Hallmark holiday is over. 

Polux Fleuriste, Flatiron District

The scoop: Very pretty and feminine flower arrangements presented in matching  hatboxes. Located in the Club Monaco flagship store on Fifth Avenue, there’s an element of surprise in finding this little outpost between the Strand and Toby’s Estate Coffee. 

Good for: Today’s independent woman, youthful in spirit with a touch of whimsy and a whole lot of romance. 

For Valentine’s Day: A beautiful pastel arrangement, in one of their to-go boxes.

Range: It’s the most economical of all of our recommendations, while still saying “I think you’re pretty special” at a starting point of $35.