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Sant Ambroeus New York City

New York Nostalgic
November 26, 2013
By , Contributor & Executive Editor

The scoop: Few spots have the power to hold fast in the constantly evolving New York restaurant scene. But in the case of Sant Ambroeus, that’s the key word: scene. It’s maintained its stake on the charmed corner of Perry and West 4th for a decade. That’s like turning 100 in Manhattan years.

The scene: The coffee/brunch/cocktail/dessert (in that order) West Village spot continues to pull in a crowd of supermodels, Hollywood directors, and starlets. The dressed-down-celeb-meets-attractive-European-contingent makes for excellent people watching and style-coveting. And on a rainy weekend afternoon, a café Viennese sipped at an outdoor table under the awning makes for a perfectly nostalgic New York moment.

The ingredient: Bellinis and mimosas are mandatory, as is the gelato. If you need a little something in between, try the penne in tomato sauce with basil – it’s refreshing in its simplicity. If you’d rather go big, the seafood risotto is piled high with a diverse assortment of delectable saltwater creatures. The pasta bolognese is also a homerun, if a plate cleaned by a Yankee power hitter is any indication. And if you want to try it all, don’t worry – there’s plenty of time. Sant Ambroeus is not going anywhere soon.

Sant Ambroeus, 259 W. 4th St., 212-604-9254, santambroeus.com